Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 263

The old man nodded and took the telephone. Seeing that, Mu Lan hurriedly left the shop. The first person she called was Yan Su.Mu Lan was still unsure about the text so she didn't want to believe in it. She could call Mu Feng but she didn't want to waste her time either. So she made that shop owner call Mu Feng and in the meantime, she would make sure that Qi Ying was in the campus, after all, she had classes. If it was a prank text, then Mu Feng would deal with it, however, if Qi Ying was really in danger which was impossible, still then Mu Feng would come to her rescue.Yan Su was in the class. As her cell phone rang, she excused herself and answered the call. "Lan Dear, why did you call?""Where is Xiao Ying?" Mu Lan asked directly not wasting her time.Yan Su paused before asking, "...Didn't she catch up with you?"Mu Lan frowned. She was confused. She was running in the direction where the text mentioned. She asked in confusion, "Why would she catch up with me?"Yan Su replied, "Well, she left the campus after you left saying that she would accompany you to the shopping.""Didn't she have classes?" Mu Lan further asked. Her voice was tensed. She was getting more worried."Well, she had, but in the last minute, it was canceled for some reason." Yan Su realized that something was wrong. So she asked, "What's wrong?"Mu Lan answered, "I got a text from Xiao Ying's cell phone. I'll forward it to you." Then she hung up and forwarded the text.'If Xiao Ying is really out, then it is possible that she is in danger. Could it be her family again?' Mu Lan bit her lips. 'No wonder she left after me, but couldn't catch up.'Thinking that, Mu Lan called Hugo. She knew that he was busy, so she prayed that Hugo would answer the call.The God was on her side. Hugo immediately answered the call and asked, "Young miss, second master got a call from a shop owner who said that Miss Qi was in danger-"Mu Lan didn't let him say anything anymore and said, "Yes, she let half an hour ago to catch up with me, but she still didn't. Then I got the text. Where is brother Feng?"Hugo answered, "We are out of the city, but are heading back after we got the call. Don't worry miss, we notified our special force. Please stay away from the place."Mu Lan stopped on the track. She hesitated before answering, "..Okay, I got it." She hung up.'They will take time to come. I'm the closest right now. How can I stay back when my friend is in danger?' Mu Lan recalled the last time when Qi Ying was being molested. She made up her mind and ran in the direction.------In Orleans, another city near Paris, Mu Feng was with Hugo because of some special mission. They finished the mission early and were chatting in a restaurant. But their harmonious time was disturbed after Mu Feng got a call from the shop owner. He called Qi Ying. However, she neither answered the call, nor did she send a text message. It kept ringing. He called again, but found that the cell phone was switched off. Mu Feng frowned at the unusual behavior. He immediately ordered Hugo's Intelligence Agency to track Qi Ying's cell phone.In five minutes, they gave Mu Feng an answer. The cell phone was under the Seine river.
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