Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 264

Mu Feng was scared after hearing the news. His heart shook.'I don't want to lose her again.' He thought.Mu Feng ordered his A team to look for Qi Ying. The team quickly went to the Seine river. He sent his B team to the location mentioned in the text which Qi Ying sent to Mu Lan. Then Mu Feng ordered the Intelligence Team to look for her through the satellite. After that, he hurriedly left with Hugo.When Mu Feng and Hugo was were in the helicopter, Mu Lan called Hugo. Mu Feng was in the pilot seat so even if he wanted, he couldn't talk to Mu Lan. Mu Feng only told Hugo to tell Mu Lan not to go to the place. Hugo did as he said.However, would Mu Lan actually listen to them?Certainly not.Mu Lan ran as fast as she could. While running, she realized that this area was a little out of the place. There were very few people and no one was talking to each other let alone speak loudly.Mu Lan slowed down her pace. She carefully looked around. This place was a little dark and scary. She knew that it wasn't the best idea to come here alone. What she did was rather stupid, but she couldn't help herself no matter how much she tried. Qi Ying's helpless crying face would flash in her mind from time to time.In five minutes, she was supposed to reach at the location.------Yan Su didn't go back to the class anymore. She went to her room and took a bottle of water and money and then, she wrote a note for Xue Lin so that she would not worry. Then she left the dorm and headed out. She was really worried about her two weak friends.Yan Su was the strongest in her group. Mu Lan had a weak body, but after taking medicines she was improving. Qi Ying was a proper woman with a fragile heart and body. And Xue Lin was physically the weakest of them all but her heart was the strongest.So as a mother hen, of course, Yan Su was worried about her little chicks.Yan Su took her bicycle and rode to the entrance, just then, she couldn't believe her eyes."Ying dear!" Yan Su wasn't sure if she should laugh or cry. She left her cycle and ran to Qi Ying, who was entering weakly through the entrance.Qi Ying looked tiredly at the direction from where Yan Su was coming. She was surprised."What are you doing here? Don't you have a class?" Qi Ying asked faintly.Yan Su was speechless. She was the one who wanted to ask her what was going on. She said, "What am I doing? Me and Lan dear are worried sick about you. You sent her a text to help you in xx street. What happened? Who bullied you?"Qi Ying was stunned. She asked back, "What do mean by text? I lost my purse. I walked here."It was Yan Su's time to be astonished. "You lost your purse? Then who texted Lan dear?"Qi Ying's face turned pale. She had quite some experience about the dirty world. She hurriedly said, "Quickly call her."Yan Su called Mu Lan. The line was connected right away."Yan Su?" Mu Lan said calmly.Yan Su said, "Lan dear, come back to the campus. Don't worry about Ying dear, she is fine. She just returned back. She said that she lost her purse. It might be a prank that you got the text.""Yeah, I can guess that much." Mu Lan said. Her eyes were steady as she glanced in front of her.
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