Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 265

Yan Su replied, "Then what are you waiting for? Come back!"Mu Lan answered, "Don't worry. I'm a little busy. I'll come back as soon as possible." She hung up."What? Aren't you scared that we will do something bad to you? Still promising your friend, so loyal!" The man in front of her laughed.Mu Lan calmly looked at the man and his gang of four men. Then she suddenly smiled and asked, "Did I somehow offend you, big brother?"'Big brother? Who is her big brother?' The other delinquents thought.The man stopped laughing in the next instant and looked at her like she was a stupid girl.'How come she doesn't remember me? If it wasn't for her, would I be here in this dirty street?' Ruddy gritted his teeth.Then he asked with rage, "Don't you remember what you did to me?"Mu Lan tried to recall what she did. She didn't have to pretend at all. After five minutes , making all of them go crazy waiting for her reply, she answered, "I don't remember anything at all-""You!" Ruddy looked like he was going to chew her off."unless, you are working for Louise." Mu Lan finished her line.Ruddy frowned. "Louise? What did you do to her?" He asked her curiously.Mu Lan's lips stretched. 'So they really know each other.' She thought. Later she replied, "What? Don't you know? You guys are such close friends, I thought she definitely would have told you everything."Ruddy shook his head and said, "No, she didn't tell me anything. Tell me what you did to her."Mu Lan wanted to puke blood. 'What an idiot!' She exclaimed in her mind. She scratched her head and said, "Well, she asked me to join her for lunch and I thought she must be doing that to befriend me. So I accepted her invitation and took my friends with me as well. The more, the merrier, I thought. But I think she was upset." Mu Lan's face fell. Tears welled up in her eyes. Ruddy snorted and said, "Louise is such a cheapskate, I knew it. That's why it wasn't easy to get her help. But she is so useless. If it weren't for her, you would be doomed on the day of your lunch itself."Mu Lan's eyes grew big. She looked like as if she was astounded. She asked, "Why? What would have happened to me on that day?"Ruddy answered, "What world happen? No worries that you missed it the other day. You will definitely know it today." He smirked and came a step closer Seeing that he was moving too fast and it wasn't going according to her plan, Mu Lan hurriedly asked, "But why big brother? What did I do? I certainly remember that this is the first time I'm seeing you." She really couldn't recall his face at all.Ruddy said, "Let me remind you. You came to our house for my sister's birthday party."Mu Lan tried to recollect when was the last time she went to someone else's birthday party. And then she remembered.'I only went to Anne's birthday and he said that it was his sister's birthday, so Anne is his sister. He actually came here for revenge.' She thought and bit her lips."But I don't remember doing anything to Anne." Mu Lan said.Ruddy smiled and asked, "You don't? Then how did our life turn upside down overnight?""Big brother, you must understand, it wasn't me who did it. It was Anne who tried to drug me, but accidently she drank it and all the incidents which followed were her making." Mu Lan said innocently."Yes, you are right. She committed the mistake and I'm paying for it now. I lost my luxurious life because of this incident. But then, everything she did was because of you. So you are also her partner at crime." Ruddy said.
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