Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 269

Mu Feng was left confused. "Don't you have to work?" It was impossible for Mu Liang's Assistant to get a holiday. Ju Long smiled mysteriously and said nothing more. He walked to the elevator.Mu Feng silently stood there for a few seconds and watched him leave. Later he too left and went straight to his office. He was curious about the fact that his brother would let his assistant off so easily.In Mu Corporation-Mu Feng went to the top most floor where Mu Liang's room was situated. The lift sounded with a light 'ding' and the door opened. Then, Mu Feng's jaw dropped at the scene in front of him.Mu Feng blinked once, and then twice. But he couldn't get off Mu Lan from his sight. Next, he rubbed his eyes a few times and then he believed that what he saw was true.In the lobby, Mu Liang's second secretary was talking to Mu Lan who was very busy learning the way Assistant Ju Long handled everything related to work. Mu Lan repeatedly kept on asking the secretary a few questions and she replied with patience."Sister Lan Lan, what are you doing here?" Mu Feng asked in astonishment and walked towards her.Mu Lan glanced at him and then went back to work like he didn't even exist there.Mu Feng felt like he was shot with an arrow and his fragile heart shattered into pieces. 'My sister ignored me?! My sister ignored me?!' Mu Feng was restless. He quickly strode towards them and questioned the secretary, "What are you doing here?"The secretary politely answered, "Assistant Ju Long went for a month long vacation. So, Boss asked me to teach everything related to Assistant Ju Long's work to Miss Lan. She'll take over his work until he comes back."Mu Feng stumbled on his own foot. "What did you say? Do we have any dearth of employees here at Mu Corporation? Why did you have to choose my sister Lan Lan? She has her exams coming up.""Oh, you knew that? Glad you remembered." Mu Lan snorted. It was crystal clear that she was upset with him.Mu Feng asked in panic, "Sister Lan Lan, are you mad at me? What did I do?"Mu Lan huffed and said nothing. She was very annoyed. 'Of course it's your fault. If it wasn't for you, would Liang Liang know about the entire incident and take me here in his wings. He is clearly trying to keep an eye on me.' She thought to herself. Feeling even more annoyed, she slammed a file on the desk and said to the secretary, "Next one please."Mu Feng, worked out his super intelligent brain and realized what made his elder brother to come up with such an idea of making sister Lan Lan as his Assistant. In fact if it were to be him in his place, he too would do the same. But it wasn't the time to think of all that. He had to somehow coax his sister now."Cough... cough sister Lan Lan, I was worried about your safety. That's why I called big brother. Please don't get mad at me." Mu Feng knelt down and hugged Mu Lan's left thigh.Mu Lan jumped up from the chair as she was surprised by his action and said, "Let go! What are you doing?" The secretary had a hard time in controlling her laughter.Mu Feng hugged Mu Lan's thigh even tighter. "I won't let go. You have to forgive me first and only then I'll let go."Mu Lan bit her lower lip and tried to move her leg away. But Mu Feng refused to let go. She sighed and then said bitterly, "Okay, I'll forgive you, now get out." "But you are not speaking to me like you always do in a friendly manner." Mu Feng protested."Didn't you just say that I had to forgive you?" Mu Lan asked. 'The whole family is full of tricks.' She thought.Mu Lan controlled her anger and said, "Brother Feng, I forgive you. Please let go?" She said."Where is your usual smile then?" Mu Feng further asked.Mu Lan, "."
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