Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 271

Thirty minutes later, Mu Lan knocked on the door of Mu Liang's room."Come in." She heard Mu Liang's deep voice.After Mu Lan entered the room, Mu Liang looked up and questioned, "Have you done everything I asked you to do?""Yes Sir." Mu Lan answered politely and handed over the files to him. Then she looked around to see where Mu Feng was. She only saw him enter the room but didn't see him come out of the room. She found it strange.Mu Liang raised his right eye-brow as he heard her polite answer. The first thing that came into his mind was 'I don't like her way of addressing me'.Mu Liang signaled with his index finger for her to come closer to him.Mu Lan was standing across the large table. She thought that Mu Liang was trying to trick her and hence she didn't move.When he saw her hesitation, he said, "My Assistant always stands beside me and reports me about everything."Mu Lan knew that he was telling the truth. She had seen that Assistant Ju Long would always stand beside Mu Liang and report to him. Reluctantly, Mu Lan walked towards Mu Liang and yes like she'd already expected, she was tricked, again.Mu Liang grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. Before Mu Lan could struggle free, she was already sitting on his lap."What are you doing?" Mu Lan's voice quivered out of nervousness. She tried to move away.However, Mu Liang hugged her from behind so that she could not move and put his chin on her right shoulder. Then he asked closed to her right ear in a deep voice, "Are you mad at me?"To Mu Lan, it was like a dj vu. 'No wonder these two are brothers by blood.' She admitted. After that she asked back, "Do you even care?" Of course she was mad. Exam were knocking at her door and here, Mu Liang made her his Assistant at such a crucial time. If it was a normal assistant, she could give it a try. But being the assistant of Mu Liang, one had to have a military training. Too much workload was jamming Mu Lan's head. It was like, Mu Liang could read her thoughts. He planted a kiss on her nape and said, "I care so much for you that I don't want to let you go." He sighed and then continued, "But I also want you to live your own life. I'm in a dilemma. Just stay beside me until your exam ends."Mu Lan kept quiet and listened to his words. She found it unreasonable. She didn't want to live in a cage. She wanted to breathe freely. But she didn't forget that Mu Liang saved her life. 'In future, do I have to be under his care like this all the time?' Her whole body turned rigid when she thought of that. She wanted to become strong enough to stay by his side. She didn't want to be a weakling to be taken care of always.Mu Liang noticed her unusual behavior. He became alert and said, "Please don't get mad at me. I'm worried about your safety. If Feng was late even by a minute, I can't imagine what would have happened to you." He sounded like he was in pain. He hugged her tighter.Mu Lan was taken aback by his emotion. She said softly, "I believe in you and that's why I know nothing will ever happen to me. But then I can't keep looking for your help always. I too want to be stronger."Mu Liang was silent for a while and then he finally said, "I will train you to become stronger."Mu Lan turned around and asked him, "Really?"Mu Liang nodded and said, "Hmm."Immediately Mu Lan's face became bright. She asked excitedly, "When?""After your exam." He replied.
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