Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 273

Due to work pressure Mu Lan almost forgot that she had an upcoming exam. Just before the day of the exam, she went through all the notes and papers and had a good night sleep. The next day, Mu Liang was present personally to send her to school."Are you nervous?" Mu Liang asked while holding her hand.Mu Lan looked at him and said, "I'm not nervous. Why did you ask?"Mu Liang asked, "Isn't this your first time writing an exam after you woke up?"Mu Lan's heart felt warm amidst the cold winter. She leaned closer and kissed his cheek. Then she said, "Don't worry about me. It will be a great exam.""Are you planning on skipping grades? If your points are good, you can apply for it." Mu Liang knew that she would hate it if he were to help her in achieving her goals.Mu Lan held her chin with her fingers and said, "I have been thinking of it lately too. Well, let's wait until the results are out."Mu Liang bent down and kissed her temple while saying, "Good luck!""Thank you." Smiling brightly Mu Lan got out of the car and waved back at him.Mu Liang smiled. Later, he drove to the office. He wasn't worried at all.In the exam hall, Mu Lan looked at her question paper. Today it was a theoretical paper so all she had to do was write. She read the whole question for almost half an hour. Then she took her pen and began writing.An hour later, Mu Lan raised her hand and said, "Sir, I finished my exam."All the students in the hall looked at her with disbelief. According to the rules, the one who would talk in the exam hall would be disqualified. The Professor who was incharge of the invigilation came closer to Mu Lan's desk and took her paper. He scanned through her answer papers and saw that she had answered all the questions. Then he checked her name and said, "You can leave in half an hour."Mu Lan finished her two hour exam just like that and finally she could breathe. She got out of the school campus and saw that Mu Liang's car was in the parking lot.Feeling stunned, Mu Lan came closer to the car and Mu Liang opened the door for her. As both Mu Lan and Mu Liang got inside the car, Mu Liang drove the car."How long were you waiting here?" Mu Lan asked."One minutes and five seconds." Mu Liang glanced at her and asked, "How was the exam?"Mu Lan thought for a while and answered, "Normal."Mu Liang raised his right eye-brow. He asked, "Normal?"Mu Lan gazed at him and asked back, "Did You expect to hear something else?""Well, you could say that I wanted to hear whether it was good or bad, or maybe how you are feeling after exam." Mu Liang answered truthfully."Oh, I think that this exam thing is quite normal. Or else without conducting an exam how will the teachers get to know if we are qualified enough to get promoted to the next grade or not." Mu Lan answered. She was very much indifferent about exams."So, you had an excellent exam." Mu Liang said in conclusion."It was normal." Mu Lan answered the same thing.Mu Liang sighed and said, "Just say that you like taking exams.""Err." Mu Lan felt tongue-tied. 'Was I that obvious?' She thought to herself.Mu Liang took her to the nearest shopping mall. It had shops of almost all the leading brands.Mu Lan looked around with confusion and said, "Is there any occasion?""We are going to a business party." Mu Liang answered."I remember that there was no mention of any party in your to-do list for a week." Mu Lan said."It was a sudden invitation." Mu Liang answered casually."I look forward to it then." Mu Lan said.She wouldn't be this excited if she were to know what would happen there.
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