Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 275

To Mu Lan, the girl was so cute like a Chinese doll. Her hair and face said so.Mu Lan knelt beside the girl. She asked her tenderly, "What happened to you?"Hearing such caring words, the little girl's eyes welled up with tears. She started to sob. After a while, she said, "T-they t-took my sister. T-they are very bad. They are l-looking for me."Mu Lan realized that the situation of this girl was very bad. Therefore, she carefully asked, "Who are those people who took away your sister?""I-I don't know. They are very bad and ugly." They took away many big sisters like mine." The girl rubbed her eyes."They took big sisters. Are those sisters as big as I am?" Mu Lan asked further."Yes." The girl said shortly.'Oh it must be that those men were involved in women trafficking.' Mu Lan thought. 'But how did this girl come here to such a place dressed like this?' Mu Lan wanted to find out. How could she leave the little girl alone here in such a situation?Mu Lan gently took the girl's hands and said, "I want to help you. But before that answer some of my questions. Okay?"The girl nodded."What is your name?" Mu Lan realized that after she saw her injured, she was so worried that she hadn't asked her name yet."Yu Weiwei." The girl said."Wow! You have such a pretty name. Where do you live?" Mu Lan questioned her further."Beijing." Weiwei answered her. She stopped crying.'I knew that she was from China.' Mu Lan thought and continued asking, "Where are your parents?""They are at home. I came here with my sister to look for someone. But my sister was taken away. I want my sister back." The girl said.Mu Lan took Weiwei in her arms and said, "Sure, we will find your sister and take her home. But for now, why don't I treat your wounds? You must be hungry too. There is a party going on with lots of delicious foods. Do you want some?"Just then, Weiwei's stomach growled. She felt shy.Mu Lan carried her out of the room and looked for Mu Liang.Mu Lan's colleagues were glancing at her with weird looks on their faces. It made Weiwei vigilant and she hid her face in Mu Lan's neck.Mu Lan saw that Mu Liang who was having a drink and talking to some of the shareholders. Mu Lan came closer and softly said, "Boss, can I have a moment with you please?"Mu Liang and the shareholders looked at them. Mu Liang got up seeing Mu Lan with a little girl. He immediately came closer and asked, "What's wrong?"Mu Lan took Mu Liang to a corner and told him everything. Mu Liang frowned while listening. In the end, he took out his cell phone and at first called his childhood friend Lu Feng. "I'm sending you an address. Come here in fifteen minutes." He didn't give Lu Feng any chance to refuse and hung up.Lu Feng, on the other hand, cursed Mu Liang and apologized to Yan Su for breaking his promise. In fifteen minutes, he went to Pur' - Jean-Francois Rouquette and found Mu Liang in a private place. To his surprise, he wasn't alone. Along with him were Mu Lan and a little girl."When did you do the deed?" This was Lu Feng's first question on seeing the trio.Mu Lan blushed furiously after she heard him while Mu Liang glared at Lu Feng coldly and said, "Treat her wounds first."Then Lu Feng gave the little girl more attention. Looking at her injuries, he frowned and said, "Dear child, who did this to you?" He immediately sat beside Weiwei and looked at her injuries carefully."She was almost kidnapped and I found her in the wash room." Mu Lan then said the same story to Lu Feng. Then she said, "I promised her that I would find her sister."
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