Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 277

Mu Liang called Ronald to bring another car. By the time Ronald arrived, Weiwei had already fallen asleep. Mu Lan carried her in the car and Ronald drove away the car.When Mu Liang reached home it was only eight in the evening. He looked at Butler Leo and asked, "Where are they?" Definitely, he meant Mu Lan and Weiwei."Miss Yu Weiwei is sleeping in the guest room. Young mistress is with her." Leo answered politely.Mu Liang guessed just right. He said, "Take me to her."Butler Leo escorted Mu Liang to the guest room. Mu Liang opened the door and saw the big princess and the small princess were sleeping soundly. They looked so peaceful that even Butler Leo didn't have the heart to wake Mu Lan from her slumber.As he watched both of them, Mu Liang pursed his lips. He strode inside the room and pushed Weiwei's little hands from Mu Lan's right arm. Then he took Mu Lan in his arms and carried her out of the room. When he crossed Butler Leo, he said, "Close the door."Head Butler shook his head to see young master's childish behavior and closed the door slowly without making any sound.Mu Liang went straight to his bedroom and put Mu Lan down on the bed. Then he took a bath and changed into his night shirt and pyjamas. After that, he changed Mu Lan's clothes and went to sleep.The next morning, everyone was alarmed by the loud cry of a child. Mu Lan was still sleeping and Mu Liang was sitting beside her working. Since Mu Lan was sleeping in Mu Liang's room, Mu Lan's personal maids Alice and Emma didn't dare to go inside, let alone wake her up. They were left with no choice but to go to the guest room. They went to the guest room and tried their best to stop Weiwei from crying. However, Weiwei didn't know any of them. She was asleep when she was brought in the mansion. She couldn't see her 'big sister', Mu Lan so she cried loudly asking for her.Feeling hopeless, Anna went towards Head Butler Leo and requested him to ask for Mu Lan. Butler Leo sighed and went to the third floor. The door of Mu Liang's bedroom was closed. So he politely knocked on the door.Mu Liang was having a great time watching his beautiful woman in deep slumber as if she cared about nothing in this world. He frowned as he heard the polite knock on the door. He instantly knew who it was. He got out of the bed and opened the door."Good morning, young master. The guest, Miss Yu Weiwei has woken up and is crying for the young mistress." Butler Leo informed him.Mu Liang said nonchalantly, "Console her."Butler Leo, "" If it was that easy, would he had to come over and inform his young master?Butler Leo said, "We have tried our best but she is just a child who doesn't know us." So please help us young master- Leo swallowed the last sentence.Mu Liang was smart enough to understand his point. He sighed and said, "I'm going down. No need to call for your young mistress."Then Mu Liang went downstairs with the Head Butler and went towards the guest room where Weiwei was. He could hear her loud cry. Mu Liang went inside the room and saw Anna and Emma were trying to console the ten-year old child. Her face was puffy and red because she had cried a lot."Weiwei." Mu Liang said softly. He didn't use his natural soft voice which he generally used for Mu Lan.Weiwei looked at Mu Liang. Fortunately, her memory was on track, so she remembered him from the party. As soon as she recognized him, she stopped crying. She said, "Big brother."Anna, Emma and Butler Leo sighed in relief. Mu Liang said, "It is my and your big sister's house. You go freshen up and quickly eat your breakfast. We will help you to search for your elder sister."
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