Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 278

Weiwei nodded obediently. She was about to get out of the bed, just then she remembered something. She glanced at Mu Liang and asked, "Where is big sister?"Immediately Mu Liang answered, "She is sleeping."Weiwei felt happy that her big sister was here. She asked again, "Will she have breakfast with me?""She can't." Mu Liang refused directly. Butler Leo felt bad for this little girl. 'You took your eyes to the wrong person, Miss Yu.' He thought.Weiwei was stubborn. She wanted to see the beautiful modern Disney Princess, Mulan badly. She asked further, "Why?"Mu Liang was losing his patience. But he needed to draw a line between 'outsiders' and 'insider'(Mu Liang only). He answered, "She is very tired. She is taking her exams now.""I want my big sister." Weiwei was becoming more stubborn.Even Anna, Emma and Butler Leo were losing their affection for her. They didn't like this stubborn child."She has office work." Mu Liang said while gritting his teeth."I will go to her office." Weiwei said.Mu Liang lost his patience towards this girl. He said. "She works for me and I don't allow children in my office. Be a good girl and you will find your sister faster." He turned around and walked to the door. Before leaving, he once again looked back and said, "Try to be mischief again, I will throw you out. Don't forget that this is not your house and none of us is your family members." Then he left.Weiwei wanted to cry out again. But she was too afraid to do so. She freshened up and took her breakfast. She stayed alone in the room and disturbed no one. Therefore, everyone sighed in relief.When Mu Lan woke up from her deep slumber, she was in the car. Realizing where she was, Mu Lan was startled. She was about to sit down, then she heard Mu Liang's voice, "Good morning." Then she felt a warm kiss on her forehead. Just then Mu Lan understood and she was sleeping in Mu Liang's arm. "Why am I here?" Mu Lan asked. She was having a hard time believing that she was here. Last thing she remembered that she was in Weiwei's room and she went to sleep with her. Why she was here now? 'And what about Weiwei? Poor girl must have been frightened to death not seeing her.' She thought."Have you forgotten your duty as my assistant? Your triple salary is still in my hand." Mu Liang answered. It wasn't that he couldn't wait for her to wake up in their house. It was just that, her heart would melt by that 'evil' little girl's pretending innocent face. That's why Mu Liang took her in the car and ordered Ronald to drive straight to the headquarter of Mu Corporation.After hearing Mu Liang's words, Mu Lan gulped down all her complaints. She looked down and saw that she was wearing a red jacket and blue jeans and a pair of red boots. "Did you change my dress?" Mu Lan asked softly, feeling bashful."Who else do you want to show your body?" Mu Liang teased her.Mu Lan's face turned bright red. She said, "No one."Soon they arrived at work. When they entered Mu Liang's room, they found Mu Feng was sitting in the sofa, waiting for them."You got everything I had asked you to?" Mu Liang immediately started talking business without wasting any time.Mu Feng looked at his brother and answered, "I found out about Yu Weiwei and her sister Yu Meili. They came here legally and stayed in a two-star hotel for a week. Just yesterday, Yu Meili aged eighteen suddenly disappeared."
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