Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 279

Mu Liang calmly looked at Mu Feng. Mu Lan was also listening to Mu Feng attentively.Mu Feng said, "Yu Meili, this girl is a smart as*, I'm telling you. She noticed that she was in trouble and she hid her younger sister well. But she wasn't smart enough not to fall for their trap.""What trap?" Mu Lan asked. "You are not telling us everything."Mu Feng gave her a toothy grin. "My sister knows me the best." Then he gave Mu Lan a packet.Mu Lan took it and she found some photos there. There were photos of Yu Weiwei and a pretty Chinese girl. Mu Lan realized that the girl was Yu Meili. She was wearing a white jacket and a black pant with winter boots. She had a DSLR camera on her right hand and her left hand was holding on to Weiwei's tiny right hand. She looked like a responsible older sister.Mu Feng spoke, "Well, you guys didn't give me enough time to investigate it thoroughly. So I don't have much information in my hand as of now. I just got the information that Yu Meili checked-in to a two-star hotel in Paris with her younger sister and visited tourist spots." Mu Feng looked through the papers and went on, "She was all normal till Monday, which means two days ago. But then two days ago she had visited Notre Dame de Paris and Latin Quarter. That day, she was alone. She had her camera bag with her and she took lots of photos over there. But, when she returned from Latin Quarter to the hotel, she did have her camera bag. But after we searched her room last night, we didn't find it.""You think it was taken away?" Mu Liang asked. "If there was any important information regarding something troublesome, there is a possibility. But in the evening, two men came and searched every corner of the hotel room. They made the whole room turn upside down. It was a massacre. They can take the camera." Mu Feng answered."Was she taken away by those people?" Mu Lan asked."No. She wasn't attacked there. Actually she wasn't even present there. She went to Latin Quarter again and then disappeared from there. She just literally vanished. But she neither took her camera bag nor her camera. After she was gone, those men came and almost attacked the little one. This little kid was as clever as her sister. She ran off and hid in the bathroom of this restaurant.""How did Weiwei get into the restaurant in spite of such tight security everywhere?" Mu Lan asked."Back door." This time Mu Liang replied. Last night, he checked the security cameras and called Mu Feng.Mu Lan thought of something and said, "I think that there might be some valuable information in the camera. We have to find it. Let me ask Weiwei if she saw her sister's camera in the room yesterday." Mu Feng looked at her and said, "Actually, I already asked her about it.""....When did you ask her?" Mu Lan asked suspiciously. Mu Feng replied, "In the morning, I came home with this information and asked Uncle Leo if you guys were there. When he gave me a positive answer, I went to Weiwei's room. She is such a cutie and answered all my questions thoughtfully. With a jolly mind I went upstairs and found out that you guys were gone. So I hurriedly came to the office.""You came faster than us." Mu Lan said unhappily. She just remembered that she couldn't say good morning to Weiwei and in a flash, she became friends with Mu Feng."Don't underestimate my sports car. It is a limited edition. And of course I took the shortest route." Mu Feng said proudly."Okay, then tell us if she saw the camera or not." Mu Liang asked.
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