Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 280

Mu Feng answered, "She actually didn't."Mu Lan frowned. "She didn't see the camera. Then did Yu Meili not bring her camera back from Latin Quarter when she returned?" She asked."That's exactly the case." Mu Feng confirmed.The three of them remained quiet for a while. Later, Mu Liang opened his mouth first. He said, "Find the camera." "I already told Hugo to search for it. My team is working on to find out more on Yu Meili. At the face of it, she seems to be a suspicious character." Mu Feng answered."I will give you a day's time then." Later, Mu Liang dismissed their meeting, got up from the sofa, walked to his desk and sat on his seat. Then he began working.Mu Lan looked at Mu Feng and said, "Good luck!" Then she too got up.'I think the one who needs good luck is you.' Mu Feng thought. He couldn't imagine what made Mu Lan agree to be the demon king Mu Liang's Assistant who was always thinking of devouring her.However, Mu Lan found out how she was tricked by Mu Liang just an hour later. She was sitting on his lap and was panting slightly after being kissed for five minutes. Mu Liang was about to start another round of kissing, just then someone knocked the door. Mu Lan jumped out of Mu Liang's lap and quickly adjusted her shirt and hair.Mu Liang coldly said, "Come in."Hugo came inside with a file. He said, "I found out Yu Meili's personal information."Mu Liang became serious and gestured Hugo to sit.Hugo sat down and started saying, "According to the information I gathered, Yu Meili is the first daughter of Major General Yu. She literally grew up with a golden spoon in her mouth. She is a spoiled child who always gets everything that she wants. She got admitted to a famous private university in Shanghai. There, she joined a detective branch at the age of eighteen without her family's permission. She is a smart kid who solved few cases and gained some popularity. However, her family found out about her part time job and brought her back to Beijing. Her family arranged for her marriage. But she was already in love with someone from the detective branch and refused to get married. So she fled from home with her sister.""Why did she take her sister along with her?" Mu Lan asked.Hugo coughed before saying, "She took her younger sister as a hostage."Mu Liang and Mu Lan both became speechless. Now they believed how reckless Yu Meili was."How did she get into trouble?" Mu Lan asked."We will find out about it as soon as we get the camera." Hugo answered.Suddenly someone barged into the room and screamed, "Big brother, good news! We found the camera!" Mu Lan who was startled by his sudden entry, scolded Mu Feng, "Brother Feng, can't you be less excited? I almost had a heart attack."Mu Feng scratched his head and apologized. Then he looked at his brother and said, "We found the camera on the bushes at Latin Quarter. This Meili kid is sure smart. She hid it well. Look what I found in the camera." He took an envelope full of photos and gave it to Mu Liang.Mu Liang took out all the photos and all four of them gathered around the table.There were lots of pictures of Yu Meili with different people. Some of them were with her school friends, some of them were with her family members, and some other pictures were of Weiwei. But the most intriguing part was when they saw some intimate pictures of Meili with a man. Even more surprising was that the young man in the photo looked a lot like Mu Lan.
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