Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 285

When Mu Liang reached the destination, he already found Mu Feng's car and Lu Feng's ambulance there. Mu Feng had drove earlier and Lu Feng's hospital was close to this road, so they came earlier. It was a side road and therefore very few cars would choose to drive around here. Mu Lan's car had toppled upside down and close to it there was a pool of blood. The Police had already blocked the road and Mu Feng was currently talking to them. As per Lu Feng's order, the two male nurses already took out a stretcher and carried Ronald there. He was still alive but he had lost lots of blood as a result of which he became unconscious. Lu Feng ordered his Assistant doctor to remove Ronald's shirt to take out the bullets. His first-class ambulance was equipped with an operation room, it was one of his amazing creations. Lu Feng looked towards his right side and saw Mu Liang standing there. So he walked towards him.The moment Mu Liang laid his eyes on the car, his heart stopped beating for a few seconds. He looked around and saw blood, shattered glasses everywhere, police cars and ambulance. Even the sounds of the siren of police cars didn't approach to his ears. His eyes were only looking for Mu Lan. He carefully scrutinised every corner of the surroundings but found no traces of Mu Lan.Just then, Lu Feng placed his hand on his right shoulder. Mu Liang glanced at him. "Have you guys seen her?" Mu Liang asked.Lu Feng shook his head. "No. Do you think that she was kidnapped?""She wasn't kidnapped. She has chased those kidnappers who took Yu Weiwei." Mu Feng came closer and answered them. Hugo called him a few minutes ago and told him everything that he found out through the security cameras."Weiwei? That little girl?" Lu Feng asked. He wanted to know more about this situation. However, by then one of his nurses called him to immediately operate on Ronald since his life was in danger at the moment. "She chased the kidnappers?" Mu Liang asked not caring to answer what Lu Feng said.Mu Feng was sure that Mu Liang would burst in rage. But seeing that his brother was still as calm as bottom of the sea, he couldn't help but worry.Mu Feng didn't know what to answer. He found it pretty weird too. Last time, Mu Lan was calculative enough when she called them. She had even sent a text to warn beforehand. But this time, what she did was pretty reckless. She even left the almost dying Ronald alone. She could have at least called any of us.Mu Feng said, "What sister Lan did was stupid, I have to admit it."Mu Liang said, "It's not that simple. I believe she did it because of that man."Mu Feng was stunned. He asked, "Do you mean the man who looked like sister Lan? Does she think that they are related?""Hmm." Mu Liang answered curtly. He was frowning. This time he really underestimated Mu Lan who had an IQ of two hundred and ten."Why?" Mu Feng had yet to understand his future sister-in-law."I think she took the little girl outside and went shopping deliberately. It was all a part of her plan which she didn't tell us." Mu Liang looked at his brother and asked, "Do you think a girl who stays calm when she was shot bullets can be stupid enough to chase the kidnappers alone?"Now Mu Feng understood what his brother was trying to tell him. "You are right. She even let us know when she thought that her friend was in danger. She is actually too smart for her age."
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