Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 288

'Wait, wait, won't he come?' Mu Lan thought. She panicked inside. 'He would never let his lover suffer, right?'Then she heard them saying, "Brothers, let's enjoy the night."Another one said, "Hey what about the bi*ch who chased us just now?"'Did he just call me bi*th?' Mu Lan asked herself."She probably got lost in the ally." The loud one said."She did not. She found our vans and went to the backside of our building." The relaxed person said.Mu Lan raised her right eyebrow."Oh, is that true? Let me see if that bi*ch is also stupid enough to fall for our trap just like that Chinese bi*ch." The man who said 'b****' before said.Mu Lan was really annoyed this time. She opened the door with a loud 'bang' and startled everyone. "No need to check. I'm right here." Mu Lan said. She saw that it was a large room with a sofa and a tea table. The men were drinking and there was a strong smell of alcohol.Her actions left all the six men dumbfounded. 'Is she for real?' They all thought at once. Then they laughed loudly."This bi*ch is the most insane bi*ch I have ever seen. Haha.." That man said."So you are the one who called me b**** that time." Mu Lan glared at him."Oh.. don't please.. I am scared.. Hahaha." That man mocked at her."Why don't I show you how it feels to really get scared?" Mu Lan said coldly. She was getting impatient by now.'Where is he?' She thought."Oh, this one is very cheeky." The loud man said."Where is Weiwei?" Mu Lan asked."Honey, you are inside our territory. Yet, you have the audacity to question us like a queen? You really have got some nerve." The agitated man said."Of course I have the nerve. If I didn't, I wouldn't be here at this moment." Mu Lan didn't want to talk about all those useless things. However, she wanted to buy some time for herself, Weiwei and Meili. If by any chance he didn't come, then at least Mu Liang could come to their rescue. She needed at least ten minutes.This time, their boss who was calmly sitting on the sofa asked her, "Why did you chase us?" He had a scar on his cheek. He was that Spanish man."For Weiwei." Mu Lan answered and then asked, "Where is she?"The Spanish man smiled as he said, "She is safe.""Safe? With you? Do you expect me to believe that?" Mu Lan glared at him.The Spanish man's eyes twinkled in the light. Mu Lan was startled by his gesture. She directly looked into his black eyes.He said, "Why do you want to protect her so badly that you came here alone without any protective measures? Don't you know what kind of a place is this?" he asked calmly.Mu Lan didn't answer him."Who are you?" The Spanish man asked once more.Mu Lan didn't answer this time either.The loud man said, "Boss, why do you have to talk to her so much? Let us enjoy her.""Yeah boss, give us this bi*ch." The bi**** man said.Mu Lan looked at the bi**** man and said, "Don't call me b**** again." Then, she kicked that man in his middle part."Huuk!" The man fell down.The other men were totally shocked for the second time by her sudden action. "Bi*ch!" The loud man ran towards her.Suddenly, there was a small sound and the loud man fell. Before the other men could understand what was going on, they also fell down. Only the Spanish man and Mu Lan were alive and the others were dead."You know, I wanted to play a little longer." That man removed his mask and revealed his face.
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