Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 289

Mu Lan saw a familiar face. She saw him in the photos. The young man's eyes were as transparent as hers. "You are my brother." Mu Lan stated.The man gave her a smile which could make any girl fall for him in an instant. He said, "Hi Lannie."Hearing the word 'Lannie', something warm spread around Mu Lan's heart. She kept looking at his face, trying to recall her past."I never thought you would be so reckless even after you lost your memory." He said.Mu Lan's eyes narrowed. "You knew?"The man shrugged and said, "As intelligent as I am, how can I not know where you are and what you are doing?"Mu Lan was speechless.He asked, "How's your exam going on? Don't say 'normal'.""Why didn't you look for me?" Mu Lan asked."You are leading a better life Lannie. Do you think that you need me?" He smiled."How can you say that? Mu Lan got angry all of a sudden."Lannie, from the very start, it was your plan to hide me. I'm just doing what you told me to." He answered seriously.Mu Lan was puzzled. "Why would I try to hide you?"The man sighed and said, "Get back your memory. I'll wait for you in the usual place." Then he got up to leave. Mu Lan stood in front of him and said, "You can't leave before you give me a good explanation." Her eyes were glowing."I'm here to solve a case and hence I'm going to leave now." He said."Can't we meet again?" Mu Lan asked urgently. She understood that he wouldn't reveal anything about her past.The man smiled and rubbed her hair. He said, "I'm watching you all the time. If you need my help, I'll come to you anytime. But since you have already got the strongest protection, I don't think you need my help with your security." He chuckled."Can I trust Mu Liang?" Mu Lan asked.The man raised his left eyebrow and asked her back, "What did he tell you?""He told me that I lost my mother when I was little and I had no father. He never mentioned anything about you." Mu Lan said.The man laughed loudly. He said, "Since Mu Feng and Mu Liang couldn't find anything about my identity, then I don't need to worry about my security anymore. You did well." He patted Mu Lan's shoulder and continued, "What he said was true. You can trust him. From what I know, he has never touched any other woman except his mother until he touched you.""He is good to me. But I want to know about my past too." Mu Lan said.The man silently looked at her and said, "Lannie, try not to remember your past. It's best for you. Enjoy this life.""Was I that miserable?" Mu lan asked."You were." He answered truthfully. Then he said, "Nice engagement ring though. I got the news and also this ring was custom made. You are so lucky, Lannie." He teased her.Mu Lan frowned and tried to hide her embarrassment. She changed the topic. "Where is their boss? Did you kill him?""I knocked him out yesterday when I heard that he took one of our own people and sent him to the police as a parcel. I don't think that I need to do anything more since Mu Feng would come to rescue all of us" He answered."Your own means your girlfriend Meili?" Mu Lan asked."And how do you know about that?" He asked. Mu Lan shortly answered, "Camera.""So that's why I didn't get it even after looking for a long time." He shook his head as he felt helpless. "Who got it? That iron man?"Mu Lan was confused, "Who?"____________________________________________________________________________________________Editor's Note: Flow was so worried about protecting Mu Lan that she herself fell ill. Yet she kept fighting to write all these chapters. I hope all of you dearest readers will acknowledge her hard work please continue to support her. Vote vote vote!
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