Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 3

Autumn. Season of cherry blossom.

At dawn, beneath the clear sky, in the park, under a cherry tree, for the first time I saw you.

At first sight, I fell for you.

I could never forget that day.

Though you were looking at me coldly, it didn't look very intimidating to me.

Then for a month you became our computer language lecturer.

I certainly thought, it was fate.

First you were so hard to get! Ahahahaha. But you did not know one thing, that was, I was good at making friends with those are cold, stiff and anti social. Look, within a week we became friends!

Our first conversation, first smile at me, first project with you, first praise, first pat on the head, first hug, first under the same umbrella, first lunch together on the rooftop...

You were always gentle towards me. You always encouraged me. You used to make hard things easy for me.

When I got the Talent Award for launching a new game with my group, you were the one who congratulated me first.

You knew I didn't like Computer Science. So you advised me to take the path which could made me happy. But I already took the path I don't like. Did you know that? Back then, who knew you were the President of Li Corporation?

One month of happy memories, always will be imprinted in my head.

Even after you left, you still contacted me. Over and over, you made me fall for you. We also met your family together. Your parents were so caring. Do you remember how they teased you when you took me there? They also said that I was the first woman who you talked normally.

You even asked me to join your company.

That time, did you know how happy I was. Did you know that how much I loved you?

I always, always, wanted to hear you say, "I love you."

But five months of happy moments went upside down. Before I realized anything, you started to ignore me. You began to talk to me with harsh tone.

Why? Why did you do that? Was it my fault?

How come you came to hate me all of a sudden?

Did you know how painful it was for me?

Wish I could get to know the very reason why you distanced yourself with me.

I believe, everything has its explanation. Things like these need time.

However, that day never came.

You got married a month later. it was so sudden that it took time for me to understand what was happening.

The pain was so unbearable that I couldn't breathe for a while. My heart almost stopped. That day I understood what was it like when a heart bled.

Then I realized, you wanted to stay away from me, didn't you?

You didn't wanted to be with me.

Did you wanted to play with my feelings?

Or you simply wanted to torture me?

I don't know the answers because I never got the chance to find them. But I do know one thing.

You resent me.

That's why you could do such things to hurt me.

If you simply wanted to marry my sister, why did you approach me kindly when you don't usually do that to others? Why did you make me feel that I was special?

Now you want to remove me from your life?

Fine then, I promise, from today onward, I'll forget everything.

Until I hear you say one day, "I love you."

Till then, goodbye memory.

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