Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 31 2

Mu Jin might became a weak person but had a good head, just like his father. So taking over the household was nothing to him. The only problem was his weak health.

Once he went to China for business meeting, there he met a florist. Her name was Jing Sheng. It was love at first sight for both of them. Unlike Mu Cheng, Mu Jin was more romantic. He made a bold move.

Jing Sheng got pregnant with Mu Jin's child and hid the news from Mu Jin. She was afraid that he would make her abort it. So she started to avoid him. When Mu Jin saw that he was being avoided, he went to visit her home.

Jing Sheng was an orphan. So she lived alone. She refused to meet Mu Jin and from inside of her house she told him that they wouldn't meet each other anymore, she didn't love him anymore, she played with his feelings.....etc. etc.

After hearing her rejection he left with a painful feeling. She was the only one he fell for, she was the ray of sunlight, she was his oxygen where he could breathe. It was hard for him to leave her.

Next morning, when Jing Shen went out, she was kidnapped she fainted. Next time she woke up she was in Italy at Mu Family Head House.

She was afraid to death but Mu Jin was Mu Jin. He found out about the pregnancy. Seeing her lover and his family overjoyed by the news, Jing Sheng cried in happiness and in relief.

Soon they got married and nine months later Mu Liang was born. Mu Cheng fell for him the moment Mu Liang opened his eyes. Mu Liang got his great grandma's eyes. Mu Cheng's mother was Italian and she had beautiful ocean blue eyes which were very attractive. Mu Cheng's father fell for her because of her alluring eyes. She was a gentle mother while her husband was stern to his six boys.


Eighteen years later, when Mu Jin's body couldn't take it anymore, he retired from Mu Corporation. Then Mu Cheng again took over it. But his cousins and their sons didn't let go so easily.

When Mu Cheng found out who was responsible for his son's car accident, he wanted to burn them alive. But Mu Liang told him that he would handle it. Not only Mu Liang had higher IQ than any other members of his family, he had better foresight than his grandpa. His grandpa liked to destroy his foes in a second while Mu Liang liked to play with his foes and bit by bit he would torture them, and then would make them disappear from the world.

The funniest part was, when Mu Cheng's cousins and their sons kidnapped him to take the Mu Corporation, they didn't know what hit them. They started to get phone calls from their families saying that they were being slaughtered by the gangsters.

They couldn't grasp the situation. They thought that Mu Cheng was held captive so who could order around the underworld?

One of the youngest went out to collect some information while others wait for him to return. Twenty minutes looked like twenty hours. Soon they got a call. It was the youngest one. He found out the person who was behind the slaughtering their families. But after he gave them the information; he had to pay for it.

Others could hear his painful scream from the cell phone. They couldn't imagine that a eighteen years old Mu Liang did all these and not only that he was already the King of European Underworld.

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