Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 33

Florence, Italy.

Mu Family House.

If someone wanted to compare this house with Mu Family Head House in France, this Family House should be called palace.

In this palace, there were two Mu couples living happily and peacefully.

Mu Cheng's Study Room-

The Elder of the Mu Family looked at his assistant Jiao Long. Then he put his both hands under his chin.

"What's her name?" Mu Cheng asked.

"She was called Hua Lan first but now that she is registered in Mu Family she is called Mu Lan."

Assistant Jiao Long replied.

Mu Cheng looked at his son who was leisurely taking rose tea that his beloved wife made for him.

"I used to think, in our family you were the one who was bold when it comes to love but I was wrong." The Elder complained to his son.

Mi Jin tried hard to control his laugh. When it came to love, Mu Cheng not only lost to his son also his grandson.

"As expected of my son." Mu Jin simply praised his son's bravery.

"Stop spouting nonsense!" Mu Cheng roared. "Can you imagine what will happen if she remember her past? What if she had a lover?"

"Liang has his reasons. We can't pressure or advice him anything about this particular topic. You were the one who pressured him to marry." Mu Jin slipped on the cup slowly.

"I married your mother when we were twenty one. You made your wife pregnant when you were twenty. And look at him. He is twenty eight now but never even looked at a woman in this life time. And now he ordered his gangsters to kidnap a woman. What became worse was she was gravely injured, and the worst she lost her memory. Did he want to pay her back marrying her? I think he's doing it for himself. He just wants to cover up the fact that he is asexual. I feel pity for that poor girl." After saying all that Mu Cheng took some breath.

"Dad, he is not asexual. He just needs some time to find his one and true love." Mu Jin finished his tea and put the cup on the table.

"So you are telling it is my fault?" Mu Cheng glared at his son.

"Dad, I didn't say that. Please stop being childish. I know you are just worried about him." Mu Jin took the documents from the table which were about Mu Liang's recent activities. They were spying on their own blood.

The Elder shot a bloody glare to his son, "Childish! Who are you calling childish? At least, I kept my desire for your mother till our marriage night unlike my bold son. And who was worried about him? Like I care! I tell you this, if he can't find his true love in a month, I'll force him to make that girl pregnant."

When he saw that his one and only son neglected him he looked at his assistant, "Jiao Long, why aren't you saying anything? Didn't I tell you to give me every last information of this girl?"

"B-boss, t-that is all I could manage." Assistant Jiao Long stammered.

The Elder and Mu Jin were startled. Mu Cheng frowned and asked, "What do you mean by that? Since when did you become such a lousy worker?"

"Boss, before the girl Hua Lan was registered into Mu Family, first young master made his assistant Ju Long destroy all her existence from the world, including her name."


Mu Cheng and Mu Jin's jaws dropped. First thing came into their mind was, 'Why would Mu Liang do that?'

However, when the Elder recovered from shock he said with twinkling eyes, "Tell me everything."

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