Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 34

The Elder seemed to find something very interesting. He looked very excited.

'The way Liang made his move was quite surprising. He didn't just want to marry her, he did everything to change her life. This girl is too suspicious. She definitely had a dark past. Or why else Mu Liang would do something out of line? The last time he did such thing when he whipped out Mu Family's relatives.'

As Mu Cheng was thinking that, his son made a surprise noise. The Elder looked at Mu Jin. "What happened?"

"Dad, she is the same girl from three years!" Mu Jin exclaimed.

Mu Cheng frowned, "What happened three years ago?"

His son looked quite thrilled, "Dad, how could you forget the incident in Germany three years ago? You were walking in the street in disguise and a guy pushed you. You almost fell and...."

"And a celestial beauty saved me from crashing with a moving car." Mu Cheng sighed heavily, "Huh, I fell in love with her at first sight. How could I forget such heavenly gift?"

"Er.... Dad, don't let mom know about it or else we both have to kneel down on the washboard." Mu Jin warned his father.

The Elder looked at his son, frowning, "It will be me who's going kneel. Why will you?"

"Because I kept it secret that you proposed that Beijing University student to marry." Mu Jin reminded his father.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Assistant Jiao Long's eyes almost popped out. That was quite a news for him. Then suddenly he started to shiver vigorously.

"Why wouldn't I propose? How could I miss such chance? Just think of her being a bride of......"

Mu Cheng couldn't continue. Both he and his son got chilling went down their spines.

Slowly they looked at the door.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

The mistress of the Mu Household, Mu Ling, Mu Cheng's dearest wife, was standing there with an exaggerate smiling face and eyes closed, though her face was completely dark.

"D-darling, I-I was just thinking o-of you. H-how long you have been st-standing there?" Mu Cheng stammered as he choked on his own saliva.

"Not too long, dear, just when a 'celestial beauty' saved your life." Mu Ling answered with the same smile on her face. She emphasized 'celestial beauty' and her voice was as cold as Ituri river*.

Both father and son shivered by the sudden chilliness. Mu Ling was well known as a loving mother and caring mistress. The people who came to her for help, they never returned empty handed. But when she got angry, even Mu Cheng could never able to control her. How could he? He was the first person to get afraid of his own wife's temper.

More than that, the 'fell in love at first sight' was a misunderstanding. He wanted that girl as Mu Liang's wife!

"D-darling, I-I can explain..." Mu Cheng tried hard to explain the situation but he was so afraid of his wife's anger, he stammered, and made the situation even worse.

'Dad, what the hell you are doing?' Mu Jin cried inside. This time he couldn't save his 'innocent' father.

Mu Ling opened her eyes and she had a cold snake gaze which made father-son pair trembled in fright. Then she said, "To the washboard, both of you."


*Ituri river is situated in Inner Mongolia.

The lowest recorded temperature here was -62 Fahrenheit!

The township is located in the city of Yakeshi in Hulunbuir at around 2,400 feet above sea level.

It has an average temperature of about -24 Fahrenheit, and mornings are even colder with a thick fog hanging over the area.

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