Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 36

Mu Ling loved her grandchildren like any other grandma. When her husband mentioned 'Little Liang', she looked down on the table and saw the documents of a girl.

She took them and started to read the details. Then she put them down. "There isn't much information. How come Jiao Long did such poor job?" Mu Ling looked at her 'traitor' son, "Go, call for him." Then she looked at her husband, "You can sit on the chair."

No matter how angry Mu Ling was, she could never let their employees see this side of her husband and son. She still cared for their reputation.

Mu Cheng and Mu Jin sighed in relief. Mu Jin immediately looked for his father's assistant and as Mu Cheng sat on the chair across his wife, Mu Ling gave him a glass of water. Her caring attitude made Mu Cheng very happy. Once again he thanked Lord Buddha for getting such a dear wife.

In a minute, Mu Jin and Jiao Long came into the study room. Jiao Long looked very nervous. He couldn't understand that if Madam Mu was still angry or not.

But to his relief, Mu Ling asked in a caring voice, "Why didn't you get the rest of the information?"

Jiao Long hesitated a little, then answered, "Madam Mu, first young master ordered second young master to destroy every single link and information regarding Miss Hua Lan. He even ordered his assistant Ju Long to register her in the Mu Family as his wife."

Mu Ling looked surprise a bit. After a few seconds she smiled, "Seems like Little Liang found someone special to him." Then she frowned, "But why destroying her information?"

Mu Cheng finally opened his mouth, "Actually it happened ten months ago...." Little by little he told her whole story; sometimes Jiao Long and Mu Jin added some details." In the end the Elder added, "I think he loves her very much and to cover up his guiltiness he destroyed her existence from the earth."

Mu Ling slowly shook her head, "Have you forgotten Little Liang's personality? No matter how massive his fault is, he is the one who apologizes first. he isn't even good at lying. It shows how honest he is."

"So what if he can't tell lies? What is Feng there for? Do you think that little devil would do nothing?" Mu Cheng scoffed.

Mu Ling's eyes gleamed hearing her husband saying Little Feng 'little devil'. "Don't you dare to call Little Feng in that way. He is the greatest boy there is. I won't tolerate it in future." She warned her husband coldly.

Mu Cheng shrieked a little, "My bad." He said in a small voice and then cursed inwardly, 'Damn that womanizer! He didn't even leave his grandmother. Why must he have to take every woman's heart? He got his father's flirting attitude. Like father, like son.'

Mu Jin looked at his father with narrow eyes, 'Dad must be cursing me and my second son.'

"Anyway, I think everything is very suspicious." Mu Ling looked at her husband, "If you liked that girl for Little Liang, you must have got all her data in the past, right?"

Mu Cheng's eyes glimmered. He smacked the table and excitedly said, "That's right! It totally skipped my mind. If she is really the girl from three years ago, then we can get her information." He quickly looked at his assistant, "Jiao Long, bring her documents."

"Yes, boss." Jiao Long hurriedly left.

"Let's wait and see what Little Liang destroyed and what is the reason behind it." Mu Cheng leaned on the chair and closed his eyes.

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