Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 37

Hello my Dear Readers, I'm so so so sorry for not publishing yesterday and also publishing so now only a single chapter.

I was sick for two days, couldn't eat or drink much. Today I felt suddenly fine so I wrote this chapter hurriedly. But my fingers can't move much. I'm feeling a weak.

I hope after a good sleep I'll get back my stamina.

For apology, I'll write six chapters tomorrow.

Have fun <3


20 minutes later.....

"She is a good girl." Mu Ling agreed.

"She is a very good girl." Mu Jing nodded.

"Indeed, she is a perfect choice for Little Liang. My eyesight is always good." Mu Cheng was happy but suddenly turned sour, "Except she likes 'that' guy."

"Do you think after meeting my grandson she'll still remember her past crush? Have some faith in Little Liang's heart and good looks." Mu Ling went against her husband.

"But I must say, her taste is very exceptional. How could she like a guy like 'him'?" Mu Jin wondered.

"The funniest part is, 'that' guy also wiped out the information of their personal details together, just like Little Liang." Mu Cheng couldn't help but feel amuse. Thanks to our special intelligent force we got some exclusive info about their past." Mu Cheng felt proud of his employees. The employees of special intelligent force would fly in the sky if they could hear what just their 'big boss' said.

"This girl is full of mystery. From the day she was born, her father is still unknown. None found about her mother's dead body yet. And there are two men in her life, both of them tried to obliterate her existence. The most painful part is, people are playing around her and she could do nothing. Hope she really be happy in her new life with Little Liang." Grandmother Mu said pitifully.

"Should we spy on them, mom?" Mu Jin asked while looking at Mu Ling.

"Are you still a child? How can we interfere with Little Liang's love life? It wasn't easy for him to get the girl he loves after three years." Mu Ling glared at his son.

"We can keep an eye on 'him' though." Mu Cheng said while frowning. "Though he's married and the way he acted with Hua Lan clearly showed that 'he' did everything to hurt her intentionally.

However, we are not 100% sure that 'he' will leave her be. World knows nothing of her, while 'he' knows that she is dead. It might make 'that' guy suspicious. I do believe in my grandson but what could go wrong with placing a bug in 'his' company? Let's enjoy the show while sitting back at home." Mu Cheng said observantly.

"Heh, you never meddled with Little Liang's affairs before. Dad, just say that you have a bore life and finally you got something interesting to pass your time."

"Think however you wish but I'm worried about my grandchild." Mu Cheng replied. 'Even though he is my son, his observation skill is quite scary.' He thought.

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