Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 38

Paris, France.

Paris is known as famous city of passionate love. This city is classy and fabulous. And the night in Paris is a gorgeous sight to see.

In this dazzling beauty, Mu Liang and Mu Lan were walking side by side. Mu Lan's whole body was stiff as her partner was walking while his left hand was on her shoulder. He seemed to be in a very good mood.

Many women were looking at them as they admired handsome Liang and glared at Lan. Mu Lan couldn't help but sigh. She didn't know the reason why Mu Liang put his hand on her shoulder. Awhile ago, when they were walking down on the street, some men were eyeing at his 'wife', some even dared to try to touch her. Since then he let others know who she belonged to.

Mu Lan was thinking about the conversation between them in the car. She screamed in her head, 'He said that it was a date. He said it was a date!' She shook her head. 'Forget it. Forget it. If I keep remembering stuffs like this I can't enjoy the view.'

Mu Liang looked down to see the adorable expression on her face. He knew exactly well what she was thinking.

He smiled and took her in the most famous shopping mall in Paris. It was under Mu Corporation. So the moment they entered, securities saluted them and the manager came to meet them. By then, the whole mall got an exclusive news,' The king came with a female partner.' Everyone became curious to see who the lucky lady was.

But alas! My Liang took her to the casual dress section. Mu Liang chose multiple dresses on her size and made her to wear them for trial. After the tenth dress she wore, Mu Lan was already tired. But she didn't complain. But Mu Liang saw her tired face and didn't make her to trial other dresses. He ordered to pack thirty dresses without Mu Lan's knowing. She was looking for under wares but couldn't because she was shy.

When Mu Liang went to the shoe section, he took some sneakers, high heels, sandals and flat shoes. He remembered the colors of the dresses and matched the styles of the shoes. This time Mu Lan saw him to order the manager to pack twenty pairs. Her eyes went to the sky.

She tried to stop Mu Liang but when she went closer he looked at her. "Do you want to buy some lingerie?" Seeing Mu Lan becoming statue and then turning red in the next second, Mu Liang tried hard to control his smile, then looked at a female stuff nearby and ordered her to take Mu Lan in the lingerie section.

When she tried them out, Mu Lan looked at the price tag. Reading the number in the tag she froze then came out and rushed to see Mu Liang.

Seeing her rushing out Mu Liang froze in the spot.

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