Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 39

Mu Liang was waiting for Mu Lan in the waiting room while she was in the dressing room attached to that room. He just ordered the manager to pack everything and he was sitting alone on the sofa thinking of tomorrow's plan.

At that moment Mu Liang rushed out. He slowly looked at his right side and steeled.

Mu Lan looked panicked as she came close to Mu Liang. "Liang Liang, we can't buy anything from here. The simplest lingerie costs 20,000 euro! If lingerie is so priceless then think of the price of shoes, dresses, skirts, pants and shirts. You didn't look at the price tags. Judging by the way they are treating us, you must be the owner of this mall. But I can't let to buy such valuable things. I will feel guilty. I couldn't even pay you back for saving me life."

Mu Liang looked at her for few seconds and sighed heavily. He closed his eyes and thought, 'Thank Buddha that no one is in this room right now except me.' Then he looked at her hopelessly. He tried to pat her head but suddenly he heard footsteps coming closer to the room.

Mu Liang quickly grabbed Mu Lan's hand and took her in his arms and covered her with his coat. Before Mu Lan could think of anything, she was in Mu Liang's embrace. Only then she realized that she was only wearing pink panties and bra.

Discovering her state, her whole body trembled. She could feel Mu Liang's hands on her naked skin. She wanted to move from his touch but then the manager came in the room.

"Boss, is there anything I........" The manager couldn't finish his sentence. He froze by the intimate scene in front of him. He saw his boss hugging the girl he came with; even covered their faces with his coat, the girl even seemed naked. 'Holy Mother of Christ! I should leave.' As he thought that, he bowed and said, "Boss, I-I'm sorry. I'll come when you call for me."

After the manager left the room, Mu Liang let out his breath and sighed in relief. Then he uncovered them and looked at the culprit who was frozen in his arms and shivering.

Mu Lan was sitting quietly while closing her eyes. It was too embarrassing for her to look at his face.

However, Mu Ling was getting quite a view for him as she gave him such an opportunity.

He watched carefully at her tempting collar bones, developed breasts covered with pink bra, her inviting navel and then he looked lower and lower.......

Mu Ling gulped as he was observing every inch of her parts which were exposed to his eyes. He knew it wasn't right for him to do this type of things right now but he couldn't take his eyes away from her.

His heart was beating him with hammer; his blood circulation suddenly went crazy.

He wanted to caress her body, he wanted to smell her, he wanted to devour her.

As if she could feel his gaze in her, Mu Lan trembled vigorously. Right then Mu Liang came to his senses. He saw her trembling so hard that it pained him. He wanted to make the situation lighter.

"I thought you said that you would marry me after six months. But if you can't stay away from my charm I understand. Let's get married now and tomorrow we can go to see my family. When do you want the ceremony?"

Hearing his joking words Mu Lan's eyes flew open. She saw Mu Liang's eyes were twinkling with mischievousness. Mu Lan turned redder and quickly went out of his embrace and ran towards the changing room.

Mu Liang breathed in relief and then looked down at his lower body which was very alive.

'That was a close call.' he thought.

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