Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 40

On the way back to Mu Mansion, the whole car was silent. Mu Lan still red and occasionally looked at Mu Liang who was sitting beside her. The more she glanced at him, the more she felt embarrassed, because Mu Liang had a smile on his face.

As usual, after they arrived, Head Butler Leo greeted them. He looked at his first young master and then young miss. Mu Liang looked brighter than the sun and Mu Lan looked miserable. Butler Leo felt sympathy towards her. He knew his young master teased her even they were out.

Head Butler called for Alice and Emma to take shopping packets in Mu Lan's room and ordered others to prepare dinner.

Mu Lan took a bath then went sown for dinner. She ate timidly without uttering a sound. She avoided eye contacts with Mu Liang. She tried hard not to make any sound.

Mu Liang, on the other hand, was enjoying her timid attitude. He felt like he was watching a rabbit eating quietly. He had an urge to tease her a bit but controlled his volition. He already teased her so much that she couldn't even look at him. If that continued than she might not want to come in front of him again in future.

After finishing his dinner, he went to the study room and contacted his family. He knew that the moment he registered Mu Lan into their family, his grandpa would investigate about her. So he called to explain the details.

But Mu Liang, never in his dreams thought that she was the girl that his grandpa would know in past even proposed her to marry into the family. If he knew....

However, neither of his family members asked him anything about Mu Lan nor did they force him to marry a girl like before. They simply asked about his recent activities and Mu Feng and Mu Chen.

Mu Liang was surprised by their attitude. Then he understood the massage behind their behavior. As if they were saying that, 'Whatever you do, you have our support.' Mu Liang smiled to himself then got up from his chair and went to upstairs.

He didn't stop himself at the third floor; rather he climbed up to fourth floor and went the east wing where Mu Lan stayed.

He politely knocked the door. Not receiving any sound from inside the room he slowly opened the door.

The room was a bit colder and it made Mu Liang relaxed. He looked at the air conditioner, it was turned off. He realized that Mu Lan didn't like freezing cold. She liked natural wind like he did. There was gentle breeze coming to her room from balcony and the windows those made the room colder.

Mu Liang walked closer to the bed and sat down beside Mu Lan who was sleeping. She was in deep slumber.

The day her unconscious body came to this mansion, every night Mu Liang would come to see her face before he went to bed. Today was no difference.

He calmly looked at her than he frowned. Mu Lan was in deep sleep but she had a troubled face. Slowly her breathe became irregular. Mu Lan started to breathe heavily and moved her body like she was uncomfortable.

Mu Liang wasn't sure to touch her as he was battling with the options, 'Touch her' and 'Don't touch her'. Then Mu Lan made a pained expression and tears started to fall from her eyes.

Mu Liang became rigid. His heart was in pained and he knew she was having a nightmare but he didn't know what she was seeing. He felt paranoid.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he hugged her and patted her dorsal to make her relax. For some times he did it and in her right ear he was softly telling her, "It's okay. It's okay. I'm here now. Don't worry anymore. I'll stay by your side." Slowly she started to calm down and felt ease.

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