Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 48

Before Mu Liang left them he said coolly to Ju Long, "Take your time." Without looking back, he left them alone.

Ju Long was working nonstop for past nine months. He deserved some times off. Moreover he met his friend after a long time. Not to mention, she was his long time crush. Furthermore Mu Liang could handle the work load even without his assistant's help. He slacked off too much. He needed to pay for it.

- - - - - - - - -

After Mu Liang left, Ju Long and Louise Fontaine went to the nearest cafe. Ju Long didn't realize that his boss would be so generous to give him time to be with his friend at office time.

They sat in the seats casually and ordered some desserts. Ju Long looked at the beautiful woman sitting across her. He opened his mouth, "I really don't know what made you upset back then."

Louise felt guilty to make him suffer when he did nothing wrong. So she apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't want to mean it like that.

Seeing her sorry face Ju Long felt relieved and he smiled, "It is okay. You must be tired. After a long journey you went straight to work."

Louise shook her head, "No, it's not like that. I really wanted to meet you and Feng. But I guess I can't meet him while he is in Switzerland." Louise bit her lower lip.

Smile on Ju Long's face disappeared when he realized what was going on her mind. He looked straightly at her eyes, "Do you still like him?"

Louise didn't answer him and looked out of the window. Ju Long felt a sharp knife went straight to his heart. He felt this same feeling a long time ago when he first realized her feelings for Mu Feng.

"He is still a womanizer like he was before." Ju Long warned her. Louise painfully smiled without looking at him.

Ju Long panicked, "How long do you want to wait for him?"

This time Louise looked at him, "Forever." Her single word was enough to send Ju Long in the realm of despair.

"Do you plan on telling him that you like him?" He asked while covering his pain in the heart.

"When will he come back?" Louise sipped the cup of lemon tea.

"Feng will come six days later." Ju Long answered truthfully. He knew it was cruel of him knowing that Louise would be rejected but he wanted her fantasy for Feng to over.

After he joined as assistant of Mu Liang he found out Mu Feng's real reason behind the cheating his girlfriend. To save her from Mu Feng's Underworld enemy he tried to fool everyone. Till now he loved that girl and he kept an eye on her so that she didn't fall in danger.

Ju Long also knew Mu Feng saw Louise only as his friend and he had no romantic feelings for her. He made it clear before indirectly and Ju Long's emotion for Louise was already found out by sly Mu Feng. That time Mu Feng gave him many tricks to make Louise fall for him but Ju Long didn't listen to him at all.

When Mu Feng saw that nothing of his indirect rejection help Louise to clear her head, he started to avoid any sort of contact with her. But Louise had no idea about that. Only Ju Long knew Mu Feng's true intention.

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