Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 5

France, Paris.

At Rsidence du Palais D'or.

It was October. The sky was clear. The sun was smiling brightly. There was slightly cold wind was blowing. The weather was wonderful.

Mu Liang who was in his study room, didn't look like he was in a very good mood. Rather, he looked quite gloomy, totally different from the outside weather. He was checking Hua Lan's information.

It's been 9 months since she was in coma. Now that she recovered fully, it's a matter of time she wake up.

Mu Liang signed heavily.

All he wanted to take her with him. Who new her sister would refuse and his men would start firing?

Now that Hua Lan is in this condition, it's all his fault.

First time he met her at the conference, two years seven moths ago. It was the month of March. He could still remember everything clearly. A group of students of Beijing University came to Germany for competing on launching game. As freshmen they did really good. The judges were impressed. Sure enough, Mu Liang was one of them.

More than that, he was attracted to Hua Lan. Not only he was drawn to her beauty but also her talent. The thing he liked most was her transparent black eyes. They were so pure. The moment he looked at her eyes he couldn't take his eyes back.

He saw her smiling brightly like the sunshine. He saw her talking, competing, having fun, eating, dancing, singing, gossiping. Everything about her was excellent and captivating.

He got few information about her. She was an expert in designing. She also deigned the whole game. The characters had no flaws. She pointed the characters vividly and her reason behind making the game was very clear. Even her planning and timing were accurate. It was really an outstanding game. He knew that after they launch the game, it would become very popular.

In the end, he offered to buy this game with a favorable price. Hua Lan and her team agreed after sorting out their plans. They knew that they didn't had enough money and stuffs to launch the game. So they agreed. Later, he investigated that half of the money was given to their university. Other half was divided among them and with her money she bought an apartment for her own.

After the competition, he personally arranged 4 laptops of Mu Corporation to send those to Hua Lan's team. As for her, she not only got the laptop, also got mobile, tablet and other gadgets.

He still remembered his assistant's 'verge to die' face watching his boss gave some students company's recent equipment.

When the assistant took the gadgets to Hua Lan's team, he was suspicious. But when his boss told him to watch her every move, he had no doubt left.


As Mu Liang was recalling the past, he got startled and then got angry by the sudden sound of door open.

Before he got a chance to say something, Lu Feng barged into the room.

Seeing his doctor friend out of breath he got up. 'Maybe something happened to Hua Lan', he thought.

"Sh...she is awak...."

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