Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 54

After the meeting ended Mu Liang straight went home. Ju Long didn't come along with him because of some unfinished work. That's when everyone got time to release their curiosity and they surrounded Ju Long like mosquitoes. Ju Long realized his chance of spending some quiet time with Louise was gone. He could only hopelessly shake his head.

When Mu Liang reached his mansion as usual, he was greeted by Head Butler Leo. Mu Liang asked him, "Where is Lan?"

Mu Liang's relaxed face made Butler Leo also relaxed. But hearing his question, Leo's back stiffed. He totally didn't want to destroy this mood of his young master. It wasn't usual to see his happy face. But he had to answer young master's question. "Young mistress has not arrived yet."

Mu Liang was heading towards his room along with Butler Leo. Hearing the answer Mu Liang stopped in his track. Then he looked back at sixty six years old butler. Mu Liang remembered that he told Hugo to take Mu Lan to Bibliotheqe Nationale de France. He realized it was a bad choice to take her there before such romantic date.

Mu Liang took his cell phone from the pocket and dialed Hugo's number. After the third ring Hugo answered the call.

"Boss!" Mu Liang could hear his bodyguard's panic voice.

"It's half past six." Mu Liang replied coldly. 'Are you trying to ruin my date?' Actually this was Mu Liang wanted to ask his bodyguard but in the last moment he changed the sentence.

"Boss, I know. I'm so sorry. Actually I've already remind young miss about the time but she avoided me like a worm." The way Hugo Muller sounded was like he was in the time of mental breakdown.

'Just as I thought; if she is in the realm of books, how can other things attract her?' Mu Liang smiled while thinking of his 'bookworm wife' was reading books attentively in the library. Then he said, "It's not that she is treating you like a worm. She is just too attentive when she reads books." Then he thought of something else. "Also take few pictures of her reading books without her knowing."

"...... Okay boss." There was a long pause before Hugo answered Mu Liang. First he didn't want to believe what just he heard. Then he remembered that in the morning he saw different temparaments of his boss. Thinking of that, he realized that his boss was waiting for his reply he answered him.

In contrast, the purpose of this idea was to take Eiffel Tower out of her head. Now it looked like, Eiffel Tower left her for good. Hugo couldn't tell her about date. Even if he did, Mu Lan probably wouldn't hear him say anything.

Mu Liang wanted her to dress up a little. He shrugged. 'It was a good idea to take her there.' He kept smiling as he made his way towards Mu Lan's room.

- - - - -

When Mu Liang went to Bibliotheqe Nationale de France, it wasn't hard for him to find Mu Lan. Looking at her drowning in a large book, Mu Liang's eyes filled with affection. He slowly moved towards her. The one who found out about his presence was Hugo Muller. Seeing his boss coming to them, he stood up. Mu Liang gestured him to go out before them. Hugo obeyed his boss.

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