Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 55

After Hugo left Mu Liang went to Mu Lan and sat beside her. He put his face on his left hand and looked at his right side where she was sitting. Her reading ability was fast. He could tell the way her eyes were moving. He looked at the book and tried to read what she was reading. But he couldn't. It wasn't written in French, Spanish or English. It wasn't written in Chinese either.

Seeing her not paying attention to her, he was feeling a little uncomfortable. He realized that he didn't like this unknown book at all. How come a book could be more interesting and more lovable than him?

Mu Liang cleared his throat to catch her attention. Two female students who sat across them looked up. They looked annoyed to be disturbed at first. But when they looked at the handsome man sitting across them, they started drooling. Soon the area they were sitting filled up with many female students.

They all felt jealous of Mu Lan who was getting all attention of this handsome man.

When Mu Liang saw he didn't get his wife's attention but bunch of female students, he knew that he couldn't continue staying here. He was curious about what could make this book more important than him. So he touched the left shoulder of Mu Lan. Mu Lan, who was deeply reading book, was startled by his action. When she looked at her left, he saw Mu Liang sitting beside her. She was surprised to see him. She asked, "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"


'Dear wife, I was sitting beside you for five minutes and tried to get your attention. Where were you? On Mars?' Mu Liang looked at her in amazement.

However, Mu Lan had no intention to give Mu Liang any heed. She looked at the book she was reading and said excitedly. "Liang Liang, can you imagine what I have been reading? This book is from ancient Greece. It was written about how the universe has been created and how gods, titans and other things came into this world, how Zeus claimed the throne. Isn't this exciting?" She looked at Mu Liang. Her eyes were twinkling like stars.

Mu Liang was surprised to hear what she said. "Do you know how to read Ancient Greek?"

Mu Lan staggered by his question. She answered carefully, "It seems like it." She thought for a moment. Then she said again, "Maybe I was studying Greek when I was in China."

'Of course you weren't.' Mu Liang thought. Her documents didn't show that she knew Latin. There, the document showed that she only knew Chinese, English, German and French. Chinese was her mother tongue and other three languages she learnt due to many competitions occurred in European countries. Ancient Creek was a dead language. So how could she know that without any guidance?

Mu Liang would never find this answer unless she got her memory back. Mu Liang destroyed her existence. So no matter how much he tried, he couldn't get this answer. But Mu Liang couldn't tell her that.

However, Mu Liang felt relieved to know that even if she lost her memory, she didn't lose her knowledge. 'Then she still can make new codes and programs. We can try that later.'

He smiled at her and patted her head, "It must be it." Then looked at his wristwatch and changed the topic, "It's getting late. We have an appointment. You also have to change your dress. So we should get going."

Mu Lan pouted a bit. I was crystal clear to Mu Liang that she definitely didn't want to leave this place. He knew that he couldn't refuge her request. Therefore, before she could say anything, Mu Liang hurriedly said, "You can come here whenever you want. So why don't rest your eyes for tonight for me?"

Mu Lan really didn't want to leave this place. But she also didn't want to make Mu Liang wait. After all, she can come here every day. Reluctantly she nodded. Then she left with Mu Liang making other female students heartbroken.

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