Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 57

Looking at her red face something flicked in Mu Liang's eyes. Without answering her previous question he extended his right hand and cupped her left cheek.

His touch made Mu Lan shiver. She wanted to move away but Mu Liang almost hypnotized her with his ocean blue eyes, so she couldn't.

Mu Liang brought himself closer to her as they were still looking eye to eye. They forgot everything what was going on around them. They even forgot that they were in the car and there were other two people in front of them.

Slowly Mu Liang extended his left hand and placed it behind her head, then pulled her closer. When their faces were inches close, they could feel each others breathes. Mu Liang advanced forward as his lips almost touched hers.

Mu Lan almost forgot to take breath when Mu Liang moved his face her right side. They were so close to each other that his lips nearly touched her neck. He could smell her vanilla scent. He didn't want to move away. So he very slowly gathered bunch of her locks and tied them with the clip. To Mu Lan it felt like eternity, but to Mu Liang it felt like a second.

Calmly he moved away and looked at her. There still hadn't enough space between them. As their eyes were locked together, they neither blinked nor looked away.

While they were having such romantic gesture, Ronald and Hugo were in terrible condition. In the rare view mirror, both saw their boss and his wife's intimate moment. They nearly had a heart attack. They forgot to breath. They were even afraid to move. They thought if they were to make a sound it might disturb their boss's romantic atmosphere.

They wanted to cry out and say, "Boss, please spare us from your PDA! We cannot take it anymore!"

Hugo felt like he was in hell. 'Boss, does tidying hair take three minutes?' For the second time he felt today, this man was not his boss. He looked at the rare view mirror and his eyes became bigger than flying soccer. 'Oh my God! Oh my God! They're going to kiss! They're going to kiss!'

While Hugo's heart as about to burst, Ronald was so nervous that he almost crossed Eiffel Tower and he didn't realize it. The one who caught famous Eiffel Tower was Hugo. Seeing Eiffel Tower nearly passed them, he grabbed Ronald's arm. Hugo was excited enough to grab Ronald tightly. Ronald was startled by sudden pain in his arm, so he immediately stopped the car causing the passengers behind them jolted as well.

As soon as Ronald stopped the car he understood what he had done. He didn't dare to look at the rare view mirror. Hugo saved him by saying, "Boss, we have reached the destination."

Mu Lan was thinner and lighter than any of them. So the sudden break made her almost fell from the car. If Mu Liang couldn't grab her at right that moment, she would have hurt her head.

Mu Liang really wanted to fry Ronald that time. But when he looked at the girl in his embrace, he controlled his anger. There were two reasons behind his control. First, he didn't want to scare her. Second, he really wanted to hug her but couldn't get the opportunity until Ronald made a way to do so. Of course, second reason was the real one.

Therefore, Mu Liang silently gave a death glare to both of them and then looked at the girl in his arms. He caressed her back mildly and softly asked,"Are you okay?" When she nodded in reply he gently said, "Let's go out."

Mu Lan moved from his embrace. She was too embarrassed to look at him. When she was being hugged by Mu Liang tightly, she could hear his heart beating and also she could feel his muscled body.

Mu Lan wanted to forget that moment as she looked outside of the window and she was surprised.

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