Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 59

Mu Lan was afraid of disturbing the dazzling beauty, so she said quietly, "Oh my God! It's so beautiful." Her eyes glittered along with the shining golden city of France.

Many visitors were also enjoying the gleaming view of the city. However, when they looked at the stunning couple beside them, they were amazed.

Some girls started gossiping, "This guy is so handsome. I can't take my eyes off of him."

"Dream on. He is already taken. Look at them. They are very close."

"Isn't this girl wearing the gown from Andrea and Leo?"

"She is. The guy must be rich. Damn this girl is sure lucky."

Mu Lan was busy with watching the view, so she didn't hear anything what they said. But Mu Liang heard every word and became a bit annoyed. He glared at those gossip girls. Seeing a chilling gaze coming from him, the gossip girls zipped their lips and flew from the spot.

Thirty minutes later, Mu Liang took her to the 58 Tour Eiffel. Their table was arranged in the corner. From there, anyone could have seen the City of Light. Mu Lan forced herself not to be surprised anymore.

The table was gorgeously decorated and there were three candle lights and the candle stand looked antique. There were red rose petals were spread all around the table. It was a very romantic view.

There were very few people sitting around them. Some men looked at Mu Lan in daze and some women looked at her in jealousy. Same case happened with Mu Liang. The women who were present there were drooling and men thought of him a lucky b*****d. However, no one recognized this powerful man because of his low profile.

Mu Liang held out a sit for her. After she sat, Mu Liang also sat down. He ordered their food beforehand. So within ten minutes the starters were served. When Mu Liang first saw her eating cook Eva's food, without reading a document he could tell that she was a food lover. She also gave extra attention to sweet and spicy food. So he ordered all the delicious food those she would love to eat.

They slowly finished their meals and after drinking a glass of red wine Mu Lan was feeling dizzy. She looked at the bottle and asked, "What is the name of this wine?"

Mu Liang sipped on his glass and replied, "It's called Chteau Mouton Rothschild. It a red wine from Pauillac."

Mu Lan looked at him, "Pauillac? Is that a city?"

Mu Liang shook his head and replied, " Pauillac is a wine growing commune, or you can say municipality, and appellation d'origine contrle within Haut-Mdoc in Bordeaux, centered on the small town of Pauillac." He paused a little, and then a faint smile crossed over his lips. "And if I tell you the details you might not hear anything." He looked at the girl who was already in the dreamland.

Mu Liang paid the bill and stood up. He approached her and slowly took her in his arms and left their first dating spot.

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