Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 62


Li Mansion

He was exhausted as he sat on the sofa. He pinched the area between his eyes. He tried to calm his anger. But he couldn't. He heard a child crying and screaming. His eyes flew open. It was like, someone poured oil into the fire.

He forcefully opened the door. Slam! The loud sound made the maid and the almost two-year old kid shudder in fear.

The child's father roared, "Get out of here, now!" Then he slammed the door close.

The kid was too afraid to cry. He was shivering. His mother wasn't at home and he missed his father a lot. His father never took him in his arms and never played with him. Once his father was used to talk to him but that was nine months ago.

The kid's eyes filled up with tears and hugged the maid who was holding her. The maid who was also trembling in fear held the child tighter.

'Where are madam and second master?' The maid also wanted to cry along with the kid.

She tried to calm down the child in her arms, "Young master Shan, please don't cry. When your mother comes from shopping she will hug you and after second young master comes from office, he'll play with you. Let's take you to the play house.

The maid took little Li Shan to the playhouse which his second uncle specially made for him. It was his most favorite place. The maid put him down on the wooden horse's back and only then he stopped crying.

While Li Shan was playing with his wooden horse and father on the other hand half lying on the sofa and looked at the photo in his left hand. It was a photo of a college girl who had a trophy in her hand and had a triumphal smile lingering her face.

He missed her. He missed her a lot. He couldn't realize that his hatred made him so blind that when she was dead he would understand that he had feelings for her. It was a feeling that wanted him to hurt her even more.

The moment he found out her existence he hated her. He hated her to the core. His only reason of coming this far was only for tormenting her.

He fist his hand. 'If I find her, if I find her, I'll make sure to torment her to the point that she will cry every second. I'll make her my slave. I'll train her in such a way so that she can only see me.' His blood was boiling to torment her.

He stood up and with big steps he came closer to the reading table. He opened a drawer. There was a cigarette packet and a lighter.

He was used to smoke when they were together alone. He used to do that because she couldn't bear smoke and the smell. He loved to hurt her.

That silly girl though he really liked smoking so she gave him a lighter as a gift. However, he never used it.

He took the lighter in his right hand. He clearly remembered her pained expression that day when he coldly told her he was marrying her elder sister. A smiled formed in his lips.

With his right thumb he opened the lid of the lighter and flicked the lighter so that the fire could light up. Then he put the picture over the fire. The picture started to burn slowly.

From the blue light, it turned up to yellow light. Little by little the yellow fire devoured the girl's body.

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