Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 63

This was the last photo he had of her. As the picture burnt, his eyes also burnt in rage. He was angry that she found a way to escape from him, found a way to flee from his grasp.

When fire nearly burnt his finger tips, he let go off the tiny burnt piece of paper and put it in the trash. As he sat down on the sofa his cell phone rang. He looked at the phone. It was Si Guen.

He frowned but answered the phone. He asked in a cold voice, "Yes?"

His cold, commanding tone made chills ran through Si Guen's spine. He quickly said, "Boss, s-something happened in your in-laws house."

The man sat steel. "What do you mean?" His voice was chiller than before.

Assistant Si Guen trembled even more hearing his voice. "B-boss, some people broke into madam Li's parental house."

Before Si Guen could explain everything, his boss interrupted. "Did anyone get hurt?"

Si Guen replied, "No one was in the house yesterday, so your in-laws didn't get hurt. The surprising part is, the burglars didn't steal anything expensive except...." His voice trailed off. He wasn't sure if he should continue. What he found out today was a great shock for him.

The boss got annoyed at his assistant stopping at the crucial moment. He roared, "Except what?"

Hearing his boss's voice roared like a tiger Si Guen's cell phone almost slipped out of his hand. "B-boss, the burglars took all little miss's personal belongings as well as documents and they also took her individual as well as family pictures. Moreover there isn't any trace of little miss at all! It is like she wasn't in Hua Family in her life. Mr. and Mrs. Hua just got home and as soon as they saw some of their pictures missing they called your third mobile. I lied to them saying you were in meeting, so they told me everything. I sent two of our agents, they were the first to notice that everything regarding little miss were disappeared." He took a deep breath. Then he said, "Also there is another incident."

His boss calmly said, "I'm listening."

Si Guen continued, "Before they called me I was handling other matter. That is...." He paused for a second, gulped and then carried on, "Some one visited little miss's apartment and tried to destroy all her personal things by igniting fire at gas pipe in the apartment. That was a huge fire. It took some times for fire service to reach the destination. But they were too late. The whole building was so fire then. The situation is now stable. However, Nothing of little miss's belongings exist now. And the two professional spies you personally implanted, they were also burnt. It seems rather suspicious."

President Li didn't feel that bad after listening of the bugler incident. However, the apartment was the last memory of her. She bought it with her own money. When he heard that it was also destroyed, his whole body shook. An unknown feared tried to devour him. He stood up and rushed towards the door. He ordered his assistant, "Go to the civil affair office and search into Hua family. Look for her information. Do it now."

Si Guen hesitated first but then said, "Boss I already did. But I didn't get any information regarding little miss. I checked Beijing University as well as her lawyer. The lawyer and the university clerk both said that someone broke into both of the offices and destroyed all the information regarding her."

President Li stool silently in the track. He was nearly closer to the entrance.

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