Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 67

France, Paris.

Rsidence du Palais D'or

Birds were chirping in the morning. The morning sun said 'Hi' to French people. There was a sweet breeze everywhere. It was a wonderful day.

When Mu Liang woke up, first thing he saw a room filled with sunlight. He looked at the attached balcony door where curtains were dancing with the soft wind. Then he looked at the girl in his arms.

Last night's wine gave her a good sleeping medicine. She didn't wake up middle at the night and till now she was soundly sleeping.

It was the second way he woke up beside her. 'If this continues, it will become a habit. Dear wife, what will I do then?' Thinking that, his lips broke into a wonderful smile.

Mu Liang brushed her hair with his handsome fingers gently. Mu Lan's face was so close to him that he could see every details of her face. He observed her thin but thick eyes-brows, closed eyes, her sharp nose, her rosy and very inviting lips. He touched her right side chick and caressed the soft flesh. Mu Lan didn't wake up but this gentle touch made her smiled mildly in her sleep.

Mu Liang was surprised by the sudden development. Her sweet smile made his heart swing. He knew that he had to get up before her wake up but he didn't want to let go. He didn't wish to end this lovely dream. However, imagining her face after she would wake up in his arms, he had to.

Mu Liang freed himself from her hands and grabbed her both sides. Then he flipped her over to the pillow gently. The process didn't disturb her beauty sleep at all.

Mu Liang looked at her alluring face. Later he lowered his face and gave her a gentle morning kiss on her forehead. After that, he sweetly said, "Sleep tight, my Sleeping Beauty.'

Then he got up, took his coat, wore his shoes and left her room after giving her last glance.

When Mu Liang walked out of her room, he went downstairs and entered his own bedroom. After he took a shower, he changed his clothes. Later when he opened the door and saw Head Butler Leo was standing outside of his room. Butler Leo bowed and said, "Good morning, young master."

Mu Liang replied, "Good morning to you too." Then he passed the butler and went downstairs. He didn't see the shocked expression in the sixty-six years old butler.

Butler Leo was so stunned that he was rooted on the spot. In his mind, like a recorder, Mu Liang's early words were playing, 'Good morning to you too..... Good morning to you too..... Good morning to you too...'

It was the first time in his life Butler Leo heard Mu Liang to say someone 'Good morning to you too'. Mu Liang always replied with 'hmm' or 'Morning'. Unless it was young mistress, he never bid anyone 'Good morning', let alone 'Good morning to you too.'

After Butler Leo was out of daze, his brain started working again. Thinking carefully he became suspicious.

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