Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 74

Mu Liang looked at her and thought in surprise, 'Didn't she know that I am number one in ranking?' But he didn't say anything about it. He quickly changed the subject. He leaned closer to her left ear and seductively asked, "Is it enough?"

Hearing such sensual voice, Mu Lan couldn't help but blush. Shyly she averted her gaze. Just then, she noticed Ju Long whose face was sour from experiencing the Mu couple's public display of affection. As they got closer, Ju long greeted them and handed his boss a bunch of boat keys. Then he hurriedly left them alone.

Mu Liang held out his left hand towards Mu Lan. Mu Lan, who still couldn't recover from shyness, slowly took his hand, and after that they walked towards the boat. Mu Liang got there first and then he took Mu Lan. They stopped in front of the chocolate colored door. Mu Liang gave her the bunch of keys of the boat. Hesitating at first, finally Mu Lan took them. In the keys, there were abbreviation forms of the rooms, so for an intelligent woman like her, could easily find out the key of the entrance. Mu Lan unlocked the door and Mu Liang touched the handle and with a light pressure, he opened the door. As the door opened, the room automatically lightened up. The moment Mu Lan eyed on the room, she forgot to breathe.

The room was like a huge hall. It was dyed in honey color, the ceiling was cream colored and all the furniture were dyed in cream, chocolate and honey color. The floor was covered with honey colored carpet. Both of the side, from one side to another side, were windows and outside could clearly be seen. Between the large windows were honey colored pillar to differentiate the drawing room, bar, dining room, washroom and finally the bedroom. In the entrance was shoe rack and multiple hangers to put outwears.

Then, there was a drawing room. There were four large cream ad honey colored soft sofas in the middle, in the four corners of the room were bonsai trees for decoration and in the middle, there was a tea table and above the table was a huge chandelier and its golden light made the place even more striking. Actually, it wasn't the only chandelier. There was another one, above the dining table.

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After the drawing room, there was the bar. It was in the right side and there was a dim light. In the bar there were most expensive wines and whiskeys. In the left side there was an open dance floor. Above the dance floor was a glittering ball light.

In the next, there was dining room. In the first right corner, on the floor, there was a door to go downstairs where were machines, kitchen, washroom, extra bedroom and a store room full of necessary things. In the dining room, in the middle, there was a medium sized chocolate ad honey colored square dining table with four chairs. Above the table was the same designed chandelier. There was a mini freezer in the first left corner. Beside that, there was wooden rack where anyone could put dishes.

After the passing the dining room, there was a wash room with all the facilities and the floor was covered in cream colored tiles. And there was a wooden partition from three sides. Only in the left side had magic glass and enjoy the outside view from the cream colored bathtub which was also in the left side. As there was a partition in the right side, it made a corridor to go to the bedroom.

The bedroom was simple. There was only a large cream and honey colored bed with attached bed roof. With switch control, anyone could up and down the veils of the bed which covered south, east and west side. The south cover was harder than two other veils because it had a system to watch television as in the north of the bed had a monitor attached to it. So the person who would use the bed could watch any channel while lying down. There was an attached closet in the bedroom at the left side. There were some expensive formal and casual dresses for Mu Lan and Mu Liang. There were also jewelries and shoes and was also a huge mirror.

After that there was a door to go out of the room. There was also a white round tea table with two white chairs.

Looking at all the details, Mu Lan lost her words. Few moments later, when she found her voice, she slowly looked at Mu Liang and answered his previous question, "Liang Liang, it is more than enough!"


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