Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 8

As both of them left Hua Lan went to the balcony.

She sighed.

After waking up whatever she saw was unfamiliar to her. Even she herself doesn't feel familiar. She doesn't know who she is. Doesn't know the people around her. Such a feeling of insecurity!

No one would understand the feeling of hopelessness unless they are in her spot.

That man, Mu Liang, he had an aura of a king. He looked aloof and cool. But at the same time, he made her feel calm. Though she was smiling at the nurse Julie and cook Emma, she was panicked inside. Maybe he realized it.

When he took her hands, the hands were so warm, she immediately felt relaxed. It gave her a sense of security, a sense of longing.

She looked at her hand where he touched.

What he said about her, she felt a bit empty inside after hearing it.

Does she really have no one in this world? Is she forgetting something important?

Thinking that she clenched her night shirt close to her chest.

Her chest hurts.

'I must have forgotten something important.

But I don't have my memory now. All I can do is depend on this 'lady-killer' Mu Liang.

As long as I have amnesia, I'll have to trust on his words.'

A deep sigh came from the bottom of her heart.


As Mu Liang and Lu Feng were walking towards the study room, Lu Feng saw the aura round his friend.

He couldn't collect his thoughts seeing spring aura around his best friend.

"Dude, seriously?" Lu Feng couldn't help but ask.

"Seriously what?" Mu Feng continued walking.

"The smile on your face is really creepy." Lu Feng spoke his mind.

"You're just jealous. Get a girlfriend soon." Mu Liang ignored his friend and made him speechless.

'So cruel!!!' Lu Feng screamed inside.

They went to the study room and sat on the sofa.

"So what do think of her?" Mu Liang asked directly.

Lu Feng's face became also serious.

"I think she recovered well. We were worried about her brain damage. But since she didn't trust us completely and acted as a good little girl, I think she's doing just fine. Now I can pretty much understand why you're so attracted to her. Not only for her beauty, but also how clever she is. Look at her, she lost her memory but not her tactics."

Mu Liang's eyes sharpened. His friend was absolutely right.

'But if she keeps asking about her past he doesn't know what to do. What if she wants to go back? Go back to him?'

His expression turned cold.

"By the way, why did you lie to her?"

Lu Feng's question made him com to reality.

"I lied to her?"

Lu Feng shoved some documents in front of Mu Liang. It was about Hua Lan.

Hua Lan

Age: 23

Date of Birth: 14 July

Height: 5'6''

Skin Color: pin/rosy

Hair: hazel tree

Eyes: black

Lips: Rosy pink

Skill: painting, playing piano, singing

Hobby: painting, archery

Personality: cheerful, intelligent, knows how to act.

Education: Computer Engineering, freshman at Beijing University

Address: Beijing

Father: Hua Rong

Mother: Zhuang Lei

Sibling/s: Hua Mei (elder sister)

"The document says her parents as well as her elder sister are alive and living a good life." Lu Feng pointed.

"My brother didn't lie."


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