Hard To Reincarnate Into World Of Naruto As Iwa Shinobi Book 2 Chapter 30

Volume 2: Second Great Ninja War Chapter 30 Will Of Stone Speech

(A/N: This chapter will be solely about mc pretending to be Kento and tell will of stone.

If you are not interested, then you can just look away.

You can say this chapter is like an interlude.)

After a tough defensive battle against Suna's force, the sun has fallen down and the moon rose up, shining brightly. It was time for me to act as Kento.

I felt like I was getting close to doom.

Members of the battle plan meeting will be sidewalk me to protect me against Suna's spies sudden attacks.

No matter what, we had to make this successful.

Senko took out Kento's body, his outfit, accessories, and his full uniformed picture to me to use as a reference.

I tried transforming into Kento several times to get approved by other members. I was starting to get annoyed by all these.

After the 5th attempt, they finally approved my transformation.

"Listen, Genji. If Kento-san appears, a lot of people would be glad and ask a lot of questions to you. So you need to be quick-witted and think fast for answers.

Here is the scenario. Kento-san battled with Yudai and other elite Suna forces alone and heavily injured, not dead.

Therefore he has to rest a while to recover his strength back." Jounin Senko told me.

"But I lied to my friend (Gari) that Kento-san was safe and healthy. Won't it be contradicting?" I questioned Senko.

"It's okay. We can't just make another fake scenario just for your one friend.

This time, more and more people are believing Kento-san's death. We can't let this happen, no matter what." Senko replied to my question.


We walked around the camp as I greeted some of our injured shinobi as Kento.

Everyone in the camp noticed that Kento and top-commands and rushed over to greet them eagerly.

"Kento-san, I knew you were alive. There is no way our commander will die that easily!!!"

"Who is the one said our division commander dead, huh?"

"Yes, Our Kento-san will never die, leaving us alone. Haha"

"I am sorry, division commander for believing your death rumor."

"blah blah...."

Looking at Iwa shinobi happy and excited to see their commander, me and other top-commands just sighed.

'I am sorry to you all but your dear lovely Kento is dead and left you all alone in the middle of enemy land.

Because of that, I have to do this farce every night.'

Top-commands all stood around me to protect me from any harm.

"Say, division commander. Where were you last week? All of us were worried." one of Iwa injured shinobi asked to me.

"Well, last week, I had a fierce battle with Suna division commander and its elite Jounins alone.

Although I managed to survive, I was heavily injured. So I had to take a week to recover." I answered them just like what was in the script.

I answered several questions from some of the Iwa shinobi.

Suddenly, I heard someone jumped into crowds excitedly and got close to me while crying.

"Kento-san, I knew you were alive!!! Do you remember me?

You drew a dragon tattoo for my birthday present 2 weeks ago but didn't finish in time. Can you finish it now ?" He came over and asked me.


'How the hell would I know you? I am not Kento!!!

Also, I have to draw a tattoo? No shit!'

"Of course, hahaha. I remember you clearly. I drew a dragon tattoo on you. But I am too sick, maybe later."

"Kento-san, What are you talking about?

You didn't draw it on me, you drew it on my shirt." He looked at me suspiciously.

'Oh shit!! Why didn't you say he drew it in your shirt first!!

Normally they drew tattoo in your body, no?

But I am in trouble now.'

I looked at Senko to save me from the pinch.

"Ahem, Division commander still hasn't recovered and his memory sometimes can be fuzzy. So please don't mind him too much." Senko stepped in and quickly gave an explanation.

"Ohh, I see. I understand." Iwa shinobi answered Senko.

After that, he kept asking me several questions. But I manged to swiftly answer or dodge the questions.

He stopped asking and pretended to step back, but he suddenly ran passed Senk and jumped at me with Kuani and tried to stab me.

But other battle plan meeting members quickly stood in front of me and stopped him.

Everything happened so fast and all of it took within 2 seconds.

Turns out he was a Suna spy and tried to expose me. When he failed, he tried to forcibly undo my transformation.

'Holy shit!!! I almost undo transformation out of shock.

That was close, too close. I thought I was done.'

After the incident, We quickly moved around the camps for 30 minutes.

We also caught several Suna spies, trying to expose or harm me.

Just as I thought we finally finished, Senko came up to me.

"You are doing a great job, Genji. Your accent and way of talk is just like Kento-san so far.

Just hang on for a bit. After you give will of stone speech to everyone, we can finish this act."

"Thank you Senko-san.

Wait, hold up... What??

Give the will of stone speech?

I never heard of this. This was not even the script we created. Why do I have to give a speech in front of our force?" I asked Senko angrily.

"Well, you see. It's because every time Kento-san goes out to the public, he always tells will of stone speech and increases our force morale. It became more like habit.

If you don't give, our force will certainly get suspicious of it."

"But, I never gave out Will of stone speech before!! How am I suppose to do it?"

"Just tell what Kento-san told us at first battle plan meeting. I believe in you."

'I can't tell him that I covered my ears and didn't listen to it, can I?'

"Oh god, This is so tiring!!" I couldn't swear or disobey in front of my superior.

We went to a place where I would give out the will of stone speech.

There were already hundreds of Iwa shinobi waiting for me.

I slowly stepped to the platform.

*sigh* 'If I knew this happens, I should listen to Onoki's boring lesson more carefully. I am so screwed.

Wait a minute, All these fighting made me forget that I have an ultimate know-everything system with me.

Hey system, do you know what is the will of stone?'

System: "Don't worry, host. System has an explanation on the will of stone."

'As expected of System, you have every information. I love you, buddy!!'

For 3 minutes, System has told me what's the will of stone directly to my brain.

However, I still didn't get what is the will of stone crap.

(A/N: First Tsuchikage told Onoki what's the will of stone, so I am just gonna copy that shit.)

I decided to copy exactly what the System said to me.

I cleared my voice and proudly went off to give a speech.

(A/N: Okay, from now on is the lesson about the will of stone. You can just skip until the end if you don't want to know about this bullcrap. hahaha)

"Hello, my fellow powerful Iwa shinobi!!!

Right now I am standing here, not as your division commander, but as your teacher of will of stone.

Lately, a lot of you are showing signs of weakness and gives up. This means you carry the weak will of stone.

To the person who mastered will of stone to a great level, he can tell the worth of any stone he sees just by taking a good look at it for a moment.

There is a rock in the center of the Iwagakure stone monument. But even if you replace it with regular stone, no one would ever know, except the cleaner.

What's really important is the will of stone inside you. Key hidden within will of stone you guys possess is the power to change the entire world.

(A/N: But I am sure Iwa never changed the world before.)

But if you aren't careful, I worry that precious will of yours may disappear just like the current situation where lot you believing what enemies saying and losing hope."

I don't know what the f.u.c.k I am talking about, but it seems effects are showing as audiences are all listening to me attentively.

I became quiet for a while to build suspense.

"Hurdles, Obstacles, Restrictions!!

As you guys keep running into them, you may abandon your will. Make excuses or perhaps even replace it with hatred.

Yes, Hatred which could destroy so much, never failed to destroy the man who hated, and this was an immutable law.

Listen well!!

You will never abandon it and always stride with pride!!"

I loudly shouted.

That was the end of what system said, however, I didn't hear the sound of clapping that I was expecting.

I guess they are too awed by my speech that they forgot to clap.

But no matter how long I waited, they never clapped. I started to get panic.

"So what I am saying is that, eh eh,

(*thinking & panicking*) Will of stone about never gives up on your ninja way!! Yea that's it.

Alright, that's for today's speech, you can clap for me if you don't mind."

I got panicked in the end and just said out Naruto's catchphrase.

Audiences, realizing speech was finished, all started to clapping.

Some of them were even crying and started to apologize out of nowhere for believing enemies' rumor.

(A/N: Okay, that's it for the will of the stone lesson. I can't think of any more bullshit to write about will of stone.)

Senko and others escorted me back while praising me for giving a wonderful speech.

"Haha, As expected of our greatest genius. Your philosophy about the will of stone is just perfect." Senko congratulated.

"We can say today's operation was a huge success.

We halted Kento-san's death rumor, increased our force's morale, and even captured a few Suna spies.

Let's do our best tomorrow evening, too."

I was happy to listen to Senko's words until I heard the last part.

'What a pain in the ass, I have to do it every night. I ain't even getting paid for this shit.'

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