Heavenly Curse Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Suppression

"Kill him!"

Although Li the Cripple regretted it, he didnt give up. Since he hadnt forgotten the past, he could make up for his negligence. As long as he killed Mu Yi, everything would be fine.

The old Taoist Priest had lost his mind. Only some instincts existed, but these instincts did not remember Mu Yi. Therefore, after receiving the order from Li the Cripple, he did not hesitate to take a step towards Mu Yi.

After this step, the manner of the old Taoist Priest suddenly changed, and he became lifeless. He punched Mu Yi in the chest in a blink of the eye.

If Mu Yi hadnt been practicing the Vajra glaze body, he would either dodge or fight back, but he chose to stand still. He looked at the old Taoist Priest without blinking and let his fist fall on his chest.

Not far away, Li the Cripples face was already showing joy and a trace of contempt. Mu Yi appeared so fast just now that he couldnt even see him clearly. He thought Mu Yi had used some mysterious skills. Now, it seemed that he had overestimated Mu Yi.

The Taoist Priests fist fell on Mu Yis chest with a bang. Under his clothes, a golden light flashed. His fist seemed to fall into a net, set off a ripple, then was completely offset.

A strong wind blew open his clothes. His body shook and settled without a trace of pain on his face.

The smile on Li the Cripples face froze, and Li Cangs mouth was wide open in shock.

"How about I take you home, old Taoist Priest?"

His tone was unprecedentedly gentle as he looked at the old Taoist Priest.

If it wasnt for the old Taoist Priest, he would have died in a disordered cemetery. The Taoist Priest had taken him to travel the world, taught him to understand life and understand all kinds of people. He also arranged everything in advance even though he knew he was gonna die.

He wouldnt be where he was without the old Taoist Priest. He was not only Mu Yis master, but also family

"No, its impossible. Come on, kill him!"

Li the Cripple was very anxious as he yelled.

The old Taoist Priest was expressionless, and he punched Mu Yi in the chest again. This time, Mu Yi retreated half a step. Although the Vajra glaze body was a Buddhist body refining divine skill, Mu Yi had not mastered it. He had to take two thirds of the impact.

The old Taoist Priest was at the fourth grade, one grade lower than Qu Yang. It was why Li the Cripple was only trying to enhance his strength rather than provoking him.

Mu Yi ignored Li the Cripples words and focused on the old Taoist Priest. Just as the old Taoist Priest was ready to continue attacking, he suddenly took out a silver pestle and stabbed the old Taoist Priests forehead.

Although he didnt want to destroy the old Taoist Priests body, the old Taoist Priest had already become Li the Cripples zombie. Mu Yi could only cut off the connection between the old Taoist Priest and Li the Cripple, suppress the old Taoist Priest, then kill Li the Cripple.

The reason why he didnt kill Li the Cripple first was that he was afraid that he would order the old Taoist Priest to destroy himself when his life was threatened. In that way, Mu Yi would not be able to save the old Taoist Priest even if he cut Li the Cripple into pieces.

So he let the old Taoist Priest attack him and cut off their connection, so that Li the Cripple could not continue to command the old Taoist Priest.

However, it was not so easy. If it was, zombies would have been extinct a long time ago. The silver Vajra pestle in Mu Yis hand had been refined through Metamorphosis. It could suppress demons and ghosts. It was one of Mu Yis gifts from the Thousand Sound Temple.

The pestle could only suppress the old Taoist Priest for a while, and it could not really cut the connection between him and Li the Cripple. The connection between spirits was the most mysterious, and there was no trace to follow. The only way was for Mu Yi to destroy the Taoist Priests knowledge and instincts, but the power in the Taoist Priests body self-destruct.

The pestle entered his forehead. No blood flowed from the wound, and the pestle was glowing, and the Taoist Priests body froze.

"Xin lamp, now!"

The Xin lamp immediately appeared on the top of the Taoist Priests head, and the flame flickered gently.

There was still a connection between them. It slowly sank into the sea of knowledge of the old Taoist Priest under Mu Yis control. After a while, Li the Cripple suddenly shivered and screamed. Then, black blood flowed out of all of his orifices.

"No way. What did you do to him? How can you sever the connection between me and the zombie?" Li the Cripple pointing at Mu Yi in disbelief. It was impossible.

There was a reason that the zombie system could be inherited for so many years without being destroyed. Once the relationship between the master and the zombie was generated, unless the master untied it, the master always controlled it even if it regained some self-consciousness.

Li the Cripple didnt think that Mu Yi could cut off the connection between him and the zombie with a pestle and a lamp of unknown origin. It was too strange and incredible.

Looking at Mu Yis calm face, he suddenly felt a sense of fear.

The old Taoist Priest stood still, but the killing intention in Mu Yis heart grew more and more intense, as if it were to burst out of his chest.

"How dare you enslave the body of my master. I will kill you!" Mu Yi said slowly.

Li the Cripple looked at Mu Yi then turned to run away, without continuing to wonder how Mu Yi cut off the connection between him and the zombie. At present, surviving was the most important.

Li the Cripple didnt care about his disciple. He even thought about using his disciple to stop Mu Yi for a while.

Mu Yi watched Li the Cripple escape and a trace of disdain appeared at the corner of his mouth. He didnt go after him but let him run.

"No, dont kill me." When Li Cang saw his master escaping, he wanted to escape. But before he could move his feet, he felt his legs go weak. Before Mu Yi could move, he knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

"Its too late." Mu Yi shook his head and extended a finger towards Li Cang. The latter stared his eyes wide open suddenly, but the breath in his body dissipated quickly, and he fell to the ground with a bang. He died with his eyes wide open.

Mu Yi was already being merciful as he didnt torture Li Cang. In Mu Yis eyes, Li Cang was not innocent. Even if the incident of the old Taoist Priest hadnt happened, Li the Cripple couldnt have killed so many young men in that town years.

Li Cangs hands were also covered with blood, but Mu Yi was focused on the old Taoist Priest, so he had no intention to torture him at all.

As for Li the Cripple, he couldnt help turning back after getting several feet away. Seeing that Mu Yi wasnt chasing him, he felt relieved, but the smile on his face didnt spread completely before his eyes were covered by a big hand. Then there was a sharp pain in his chest.

He saw a big man standing in front of him slowly put down his hand. On the big mans shoulder sat a pretty little girl.


His question was doomed to have no answer.

When he woke up again, he was still on the edge of the forest, but the person in front of him was Mu Yi. The big man stood on one side, like a bodyguard, and the little girl was still sitting on his shoulder, looking at him curiously.

"Kill me." When Li the Cripple saw Mu Yi, he knew that he had lost any chance to fight back. At the same time, he knew that there was no way he would survive. Mu Yi would not let him go.

"You want to die? Its not that easy." Mu Yi shook his head coldly.

If he were another opponent, he would not torture him. Even if he defeated him, he would end his life without making him suffer, but Li the Cripple was the exception and there were still some questions in Mu Yis mind about the old Taoist Priest.

The Xin lamp was still suppressing the old Taoist Priests sea of knowledge, keeping him in a frozen state, but once he took away the Xin lamp, the old Taoist Priest would immediately return to his original state. Without Li the Cripples control, the old Taoist Priest would become a monster without divine sense. No one was sure what he would do.

That was not what Mu Yi wanted, and the Xin lamp couldnt suppress his sea of knowledge forever. However, if he wanted the old Taoist Priest to return to normal, he needed Li The Cripple alive for now as he was afraid that the old Taoist Priests body would eventually self-destruct. If that happened, he would have anything left but a pile of bones.

He failed to protect the old Taoist Priests body, which filled him with guilt as a disciple. If he couldnt save him now, he would never forgive himself.

He needed Li the Cripple to find a perfect solution from him. However, looking at the appearance of Li the Cripple, he didnt intend to hand it over honestly.

Mu Yi was willing to do what it took to get it.
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