Heavenly Curse Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Unfailing Retribution

Mu Yi was stunned for a long time.

"You say shes your daughter?" Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple in surprise.

"Exactly!" Li the Cripple nodded.

"Since she is your daughter, how did you let her become Qu Yangs zombie? It seems that you are an incompetent father. I dont know if your wife in heaven will ever forgive you."

Mu Yi shook his head. He finally understood the hatred between Li the Cripple and Qu Yang. There was no possibility of reconciliation at all.

"You are right. I really dont deserve to be called father, and I have no way to ever face Bei Mings mother," Li the Cripple said with an expressionless face.

His pain had been carved into his bone marrow and engraved in his soul. It had been torture for him to live every day.

"Do you believe in karma?" Mo Yi asked suddenly.

"Karma?" Li the Cripple looked up at Mu Yi.

"Yes, karm. Its a circle of cause and effect. If you turn others into fighting zombies, karma will naturally fall on your daughter and make her become a fighting zombie." Mu Yi said lightly.

Li the Cripple trembled, and he was unable to refute.

It was absolutely impossible for him to never have thought about this, but so what? He was not Qu Yangs opponent. Even if he wanted to avenge his daughter, he was not able to do it. So in these years, he had been working hard to get revenge. When he was about to see hope, Mu Yi came and pushed him back into the abyss.

He didnt hate Mu Yi. It was his fault. He only hated that he hadnt avenged his daughter and killed the Qu Yang.

"Haha, karma. This is karma."

Li the Cripple looked up to the sky and laughed with the voice full of sadness. Nian Nuer standing aside also burst into tears and looked at Li the Cripple sympathetically.

It took a long time for Li the Cripple to stop laughing then he stared at Mu Yi. "If you want your master to rest in peace, you have to resolve his fury. There is a secret method in our sect. You might not wish to try it."

"Tell me!" Mu Yi said coldly.

"That is to refine your master into your fighting zombie then transfer his fury to you through your connection. In this way, your master can get rid of the fury, return to being a corpse, and rest in peace. You wont have to worry about him anymore." Li the Cripple said, staring at Mu Yi.

Before Mu Yi could speak, Nian Nuer had cried out, "Brother!"

Although she was just a fierce ghost, she knew what consequence it would cause to transfer fury through his body. She was afraid that Mu Yi would agree because of how important the old Taoist Priest was to him.

"Do you think I will agree?" Mu Yi looked at Li the Cripple like he was an idiot.

"This is the only way for you, unless you will destroy your master." Li the Cripple looked as if he were sure that Mu Yi had no choice.

"No, there is another way," said Mu Yi, shaking his head.

"Oh, what is it?" Li the Cripple looked at Mu Yi incomprehensibly.

"In fact, thanks to your reminder. I think the way is to transfer my masters fury to you," Mu Yi said with a straight face.

"To me? Do you dare? Arent you afraid that when I regain my freedom, I will make your master destroy himself? Do you dare to gamble?" Li the Cripple smiled at Mu Yi.

"Why do I have to gamble?" Mu Yi shook his head and looked at Li the Cripple like a fool.

"Not a gamble? Are you going to threaten me with my daughter?" Li the Cripple was a little puzzled, and he couldnt guess Mu Yis plan.

"Daughter? Why do you deceive yourself? "Said Mu Yi.

"What do you mean?" Li the Cripples expression finally changed.

"Even if I believe that Bei Ming is your daughter, she is already dead now. If it is as I expected, once I kill Qu Yang, your daughter will be destroyed, right? You have never cared about your daughter since you have always been planning to take revenge and kill Qu Yang. Theres another reason why your leg is broken, isnt there?"

"What are you talking about? Since I want to kill Qu Yang, I have a way to save my daughter," Li the Cripple yelled, but the louder his voice was, the more diffident he was.

"Lets say you have a way, but whats the matter with me? In fact, I dont want to threaten you with her. As long as you are under control, you will have to do as I say."

Li the Cripple widened his eyes and said, "Control me? What are you going to do?"

"I dont know if youve ever heard of the ghost slave control technique?" Mu Yi smiled, but he smiled like a devil.

"The ghost slave control technique?" Li the Cripples eyes widened suddenly. Judging from his expression, Mu Yi was sure he clearly knew it.

"Yes, ghost slave control technique. I didnt intend to make things so troublesome, but its your choice. Dont blame me," said Mu Yi lightly.

"You" Li the Cripple looked at Mu Yi in horror. He had been not afraid to die, but the ghost slave control technique wasnt something he was willing to bear.

"It seems that your sect still has secrets. No wonder you would rather die than give the method to me. Youre afraid that I will find the secret inside, right? If my guess is right, before I kill you, you will surely ask me to bury you, then you will escape by feigning death. I have to admit that your plan is good. If I didnt have to remove the fury from my master, you would have succeeded. "

None of these old bastards are simple.

Li the Cripple had tried to impress him with his miserable past. When he had found that he was not softhearted, he had changed to ask for death and had even offered treasures and secrets of the forest in exchange. He had hoped to be killed and buried, and then he could use secret methods to escape. The plan was really delicate. If it were someone else, he might have succeeded.

"No, you cant do that," Li the Cripple said in a flurry.

"Why not? Dont you like to enslave others? Now its your turn. This is justice for people and karma for you," said Mu Yi.

"I I will pass on the method of making zombies to you. I will help you transfer your masters fury to me. Believe me, I will not let you down," Li the Cripple continued, trying to persuade Mu Yi.

"Too late," Mu Yi shook his head. Before Li the Cripple could react, he pointed at Li the Cripples forehead then Li the Cripple could not move his body anymore.

Mu Yi didnt waste time. He bit his index finger and drew a charm that looked like the word "slave" on his forehead with his blood. When the charm was drawn, the blood vanished into Li the Cripples forehead.

Li the Cripple trembled all over as if suffering the unimaginable pain.

However, Mu Yi took the opportunity to split a piece of the power of his mind then pointed his finger at Li the Cripples forehead again. The power disappeared into his forehead with the blood. Then, Li the Cripples forehead flashed with a faint light as the power of his mind wrapped around Li the Cripples soul like an octopus.

This was the most tyrannical version of the technique. Even if Li the Cripple died, his soul would still be under Mu Yis control. It also gave Mu Yi full insight into Li the Cripples mind, so if Li the Cripple wanted to harm or obey Mu Yi, Mu Yi would know.

Compared with the control that Mu Yi had imposed over Chong Jiayi, it was even more domineering. In addition, Mu Yis cultivation was far stronger now, so it was even stronger. Li the Cripple would become Mu Yis ferocious ghost when he died.

"Hum, brother, this man is really hateful. I believed what he said and sympathized with him. I didnt expect that he was scheming," Nian Nuer said angrily when Li the Cripple was trembling.

"This man is really hateful and selfish, but its useful for me to keep him." Mu Yi comforted Nian Nuer. The little girl was not furious, and she was just venting her dissatisfaction with being cheated.

"Well, brother, you should be careful in the future. Dont be cheated by him," Nian Nuer said seriously because she thought Li the Cripple was too cunning.

"I will." Mu Yi smiled. It was impossible for Li the Cripple to cheat him now.

Hearing Mu Yis words, Nian Nuer was relieved. She ignored Li the Cripple and flew to sit on Big Slaves shoulder. It seemed to be her exclusive place, and she tended to sit there most the time.

Big Slave was cool with that and felt happy when Nian Nuer sat on his shoulder. He walked more carefully, for fear of bumping her, which made Mu Yi envy her.

Li the Cripples face kept twitching and his body was out of control. A while later, he gradually calmed down. He kneeled in front of Mu Yi with a straight face and said, "Master."

"Very well, now tell me whether it is feasible to transfer the fury to you," Mu Yi said. He controlled Li the Cripple for the sake of the old Tao Priest. As long as he could succeed, even if he would have to sacrifice Li the Cripple, he would not hesitate.
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