Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 480

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Chapter 480 - The Best Memories We Had


Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

Qin Feng remembered the first minion he gained in Acropolis City: Zhang Biao.

Hed broken through into Stage 2 inner qi during his battle with Uncle Feng at the Amethyst Dragon Palace. After that, he defeated him, killing him in the process. Then, he proceeded to kill Hao Yun, which indirectly incited the war between the Qin family and the Hao family. At that time, Zhang Biao stepped forward without batting an eye and be Qin Fengs whipping boy. After that, in order to help Zhang Biao escape, Qin Feng bought the Super Smoke Bomb from the system.

He had no idea where was Zhang Biao and how was he handling himself now.

When Qin Feng exited the room, those minions of Guang Lang Group had already gone. When his gaze swept across the bar stand and saw Long Hair and Liu Wen Jing, he was stunned.

Fuck! What are you doing, Long Hair? Qin Feng leaped to Liu Wen Jings side, grabbed her into his arms and dodged Long Hair, who was lunging at her.

Long Hair was acting weird. He had removed his shirt and he was on the verge of removing his belt. If it wasnt for Qin Feng arrived in the nick of time, hed already pounced at Liu Wen Jing.

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