Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 482

Chapter 482 - Are You Pretending To Be Asleep?

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Qin Feng had met with Dongfang Ming Wang in Jindu just the other day.

At that time, Qin Feng had promised Dongfang Ming Wang to be the victor of the Qin familys competition and become the next junior patriarch of the Qin family. After that, he would marry Dongfang Qin Xue, not take a concubine for the rest of his life, and treat Dongfang Qin Xue as his only wife. Dongfang Ming Wang took Qin Fengs promise to heart, so he did not follow him. If he found out that Qin Feng had sex with Liu Bing Bing on Ghost Mountain, cuddled with Hua Yan naked, and had sex with Su Qiu Yue when he passed through Sky City, he might have smacked him to death.

Elder Dongfang, the room is really well-soundproofed, and I cant hear a word. Should I go inside? the bodyguard reported to Dongfang Ming Wang without missing even the micro details.

Dongfang Ming Wang was silent for some time and he sighed, Thats not necessary. Remain on your guard outside the room.


After he ended the call, Dongfang Ming Wang rose to his feet from a couch in his fiery red sleeping gown and walked down floor to a ceiling window. He looked in the direction of Acropolis City and lamented, What a playboy, flitting from one mistress to the next. I wont constrain you before your marriage to Qin Xue. However, if you still play the field after youve married Qin Xue, Ill peel off your skin and pluck out your sinews!

Lin Bei Beis body was covered by a flimsy patient cloth and nothing more. She didnt even wear undergarments.

Qin Feng had removed her shirt. His sex desire was almost awakened from its slumber when he saw her fair collarbone.

No, I cant do this.

Qin Feng quickly pushed down his desire and continued to remove Lin Bei Beis trousers.

Please dont get it wrong. Qin Feng did not harbor illicit thoughts at all while he removed Lin Bei Beis garments. He only wanted to use the Blood Qi Pill to save Lin Bei Bei from her coma. Lin Bei Bei had been in a coma for a long time, and her cells had regressed. It was likely that she could not effectively absorb the dense spiritual essence of the Blood Qi Pill. Hence, Qin Feng was going to transfer his inner qi into her body to help Lin Bei Bei absorb the spiritual essence faster.

To transfer inner qi most effectively, the receiver should be naked. Also, Qin Feng could maneuver the inner qi inside Lin Bei Beis body with much higher precision.


As if he had made a tough decision, Qin Feng grit his teeth and tore apart Lin Bei Beis trousers, setting free her slender, smooth as jade legs. Qin Feng could not resist and took a peek, and he was beguiled by the great finesse of her legs that he almost pounced on her.

Chill. Cool down. It can wait until later. I cant do this to Bei Bei while she is unconscious, Qin Feng said so to calm down as his inner qi had become overly agitated. He might blow to pieces if he did not calm himself down.

The Blood Qi Pill had spreaded into her body. It was quite effective as the Blood Qi Pill had flushed her cadaverous skin. Sitting with his legs crossed, Qin Feng stretched his arms and placed his palms on Lin Bei Beis collarbone. Wisps of inner qi began to flow from his body through his palms into Lin Bei Beis body. They carried the spiritual essence across Lin Bei Beis meridians.

Qin Fengs guess was right; Lin Bei Bei was in poor health due to her vegetative state; hence it was tough for her to absorb the spiritual essence. As such, Qin Feng had to transfer his inner qi into her body to carry the spiritual essence around her body so that she could absorb the spiritual essence faster.

It was a dreary process, and it took a lot of strength and energy. Time passed slowly, and roughly after half an hour, Qin Fengs brows locked, and he was bathed in cold sweat. He felt that he was at his limit.

Bei Bei! Wake up! Qin Feng called Lin Bei Bei. his voice was getting weaker and weaker.

Hm? a moaning slipped from Lin Bei Beis mouth. She could make sounds now!

Bei Bei, have you awakened? Qin Feng was thrilled. He called her a few more times, but she gave no response.

Not daring to stop the process, Qin Feng continued to transfer inner qi into Lin Bei Beis body with his exhausted body. The work had taken a huge toll on his body, draining almost every bit of energy from his body until he finally could not keep up high-intensity work. His eyelids fell, and he collapsed onto Lin Bei Beis bosom. Because Qin Feng was facing Lin Bei Bei, his face fell directly onto Lin Bei Beis body, and the spot where his mouth was facing was very particular.

Qin Feng had fainted, so he did not know that Lin Bei Beis body was slowly absorbing the spiritual essence, enriching her meridians and blood vessels and that her cells were slowly waking up from their torpor state.

As Lin Bei Beis body recovered a little bit, her body absorbed the spiritual essence faster. This was a virtuous cycle.

Hmm! Lin Bei Bei moaned again, and she slowly opened her eyes, studying dazedly her surrounding.

I am in the hospital? Lin Bei Bei murmured to herself as a segment of footage began to materialize in her mind. Even though she could not speak nor move in her coma, she still had her consciousness, and she could hear the voices of the outside world.

Very soon, she remembered that Qin Feng always came to visit her and the honeywords he said to her.

Oh yeah, I remembered that Qin Feng was treating me just now!

Qin Feng, what happened? Please dont scare me! Lin Bei Beis memories had recovered. She had regained her ability to move, so she pushed Qin Feng when she saw that he was lying listlessly in her arms.

She pushed him lightly and suddenly, a bright crimson crawled up to her cheeks as she realized Qin Feng was kissing her private part. Was he purposely doing that, or was he doing it unconsciously? Only Qin Feng knew. Lin Bei Beis face flushed as red as a ripe tomato.

Qin Feng, wake wake up now. I know youre pretending to be asleep, and if you wake up now, Ill take it as if nothing has happened, Lin Bei Beis voice was sweet and enchanting. She knew Qin Feng very well. He was the first hedonistic young master of Acropolis City, and Lin Bei Bei surmised that Qin Feng was kissing her private part, so after she had woken up, he pretended to be sleeping.

From what she knew of him, she felt Qin Feng really could do this kind of thing. If Lin Bei Bei was her old self, she mightve felt offended and kicked Qin Feng, but this was not the case for her now. Shed fallen in love with Qin Feng; not only did she not feel offended and nauseated, she was actually a little bit excited. Her excitement was best shown when she wondered if Qin Feng would be disgusted at kissing her private part since he was a person that paid a lot of attention to hygiene.

Lin Bei Bei called Qin Feng a few more times, but Qin Feng showed no response to her. Hence, she did not dare to move around as once she moved a bit, Qin Fengs mouth would rub against her private part, and this would stimulate her.

Just when Lin Bei Bei was on the brink of an orgasm, Qin Feng stuck out his tongue and licked his chapped lips. He tasted some weird stuff in his mouth.

Argh Lin Bei Bei screamed with her sultry and lovely voice. Qin Feng sudden licked into her and almost made her orgasm.

Lin Bei Beis fetching voice pulled Qin Feng out from his drowsiness. He yelled, Bei Bei! Youve awakened?

Qin Feng looked at Lin Bei Bei who was staring innocently at him with her large watery eyes. Her face was as red as a ripe tomato, and he was beguiled by her seductively charming appearance.

Bei Bei, youve finally awakened! Im so happy! Qin Feng was excited. He pulled Lin Bei Bei into his arms and almost suffocated her.

Qin Feng, I-- I cant breathe!

Qin Feng knew that he almost suffocated Lin Bei Bei, so he quickly released her and gripped her shoulders tightly and looked at Lin Bei Bei with his eyes filled with fervent fondness. Lin Bei Bei felt embarrassed, especially since she saw an opaque crystal-like substance dangling from the corner of Qin Fengs mouth. She did not know whether it was his saliva or another thing. Either of them would make her extremely embarrassed, and she would have to find a hole and hide in.

Qin Feng, thank you for saving me, Lin Bei Bei lowered her head and murmured to him.

Dont be so courteous, Ill get angry, Looking at Lin Bei Beis smooth as jade body, a charge of heat was sent directly to his groin.

Lin Bei Bei knew that she was naked the moment she woke up, but she did not say anything at all. With her face flushed, she bowed down her head and did not stop Qin Feng from looking at her naked body.

Bei Bei, try to get out of bed. Ill help you, Qin Feng excitedly grabbed Lin Bei Bei and moved her down the bed.

With the help of Qin Feng, Lin Bei Bei then tried to move a little bit.

My legs feel weak, I can barely move my legs, Lin Bei Bei said as she walked with her unsteady gait. She still had the embarrassed look on her face as she was naked.

This is normal. After all, youve been in a coma for almost five months. Dont worry, Ill help you walk a little bit more, Qin Feng then wrapped his arm around Lin Bei Beis waist and led her patiently.

Slowly, Lin Bei Beis pace grew faster, and her stride grew longer. She had found her senses, and she could order her legs to move as she pleased. She was thrilled.

Qin Feng, you can let me go now, I want to try. How can I manage with people helping me? Go and wash your face, Lin Bei Bei felt awkward facing Qin Feng now as he had kissed her private part just now.

Okay, be careful, then. You can try to walk along the wall, Qin Feng thought Lin Bei Bei wanted to get dressed, so she sent him off on some pretext. Even though Qin Feng loved how she looked, he felt it was still too hard for Lin Bei Bei.

Qin Feng went to wash his face in the washroom. After he exited the washroom, he was stunned by the sight before him. Lin Bei Bei did not get dressed. She was now laying on the bed, facing Qin Feng in a very seductive position. She moaned, Qin Feng, I feel weird I want you hug me!

Qin Feng would never say no to a beautiful woman. Although Lin Bei Bei had shocked him, her seduction was too strong. Qin Feng closed the gap between them in a large stride and appeared at her side in the next second.

Qin Feng, slow down, Lin Bei Bei felt satisfied. The feeling was too great for her.

Qin Feng realized he was indeed too fast. He then thought Lin Bei Bei was a first timer, so he slowed down his pace.

Time passed fast and half an hour was gone in a blink of an eye.

Lin Bei Bei really had shocked Qin Feng. Mostly it was her who asked to change into the other positions. Whats more, those were postures that were the most difficult. Qin Feng felt that most of his ladies looked cold and conserved, but when they were getting into it, they were wilder than one another.

Liu Bing Bing was like that, so was Su Qiu Yue. He never thought that Lin Bei Bei would behave the same way as the previous two!

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