Hello, Heir! Chapter 104


Ai, you dont want it anymore, sir? Isnt this supposed to be yours?

One of her colleagues quickly says, Hurry and eat, Zhuang Nai Nai. The department head is giving the mealbox to you!

Zhuang Nai Nai nods while smiling, Then, thank you, sir!

The crowd burst into laughter while Zhang Chao Wens face turns even darker.

Alright~ May relayed a message from Mr. Si earlier on. He said we shouldnt work too hard, if there is anything else, we can do it tomorrow. We should go back home after eating, he says, one of her colleagues, Su Mei, pats Zhuang Nai Nai in the shoulder before leaving.

Her colleagues begins packing up while Zhuang Nai Nai sits in her desk, eating.

She didnt eat that much during lunch and didnt have time to eat snacks in the afternoon, her stomach is practically grumbling in hunger right now.

By the time she finish eating, everyone has already left.

The usually bustling office is now dead quiet, its kind of creepy.

She starts packing up and then walks out of their department. She locks the door before going downstairs.

Mr. Si didnt reply to her message earlier on. He ought to be home right now.

She opens her phone to look at the map of the area, trying to figure out where the bus station is.

The top floor,

From time to time, Si Zheng Ting will look at the clock on the wall before picking up his phone.

It is already 8:30 pm, why arent the Site Design Department going home?

He frowns before turning to Ji Chen, Have you sent the mealboxes?

Ji Chen: I have, sir.

After saying that, he looks at Si Zheng Ting, clearing his throat a little before saying, Madams mealbox is according to your instruction, there is no ginger.

Si Zheng Ting looks at him in surprise, When did I specifically tell you not to put ginger on your madams mealbox? What about the rest of the people?

Ji Chen lowers his head. His boss looks too intimidating that he doesnt dare to say anything.

Sir told him to not put ginger on all the mealboxes, wasnt he doing that for the madam?

If it is the same on all mealboxes, how will the madam sense his special treatment?

He specifically told the secretary to not put ginger on the madams box, the madam ought to understand Mr. Sis heart, right?

Ji Chen feels a little embarrassed. He has followed Mr. Si for so many years, he is considered the one who understands Mr. Si the best. This is the first time he did something wrong.

When Si Zheng Ting does not speak, Ji Chen raises his head to look at him, only to find him staring intently into thin air. After a while, as though regaining his composure, Si Zheng Ting trains his eyes back to Ji Chen.

The frightened Ji Chen can only bite the bullet and say, Sir..

Dont do it next time.

Ji Chen finally sighs in relief.

Although his words appear solemn, Mr. Si does not sound angry at all.

At that moment, May, the secretary appears on the doorway, Sir, everyone inside the company has followed your instruction and went home.

Si Zheng Ting suddenly turns to her, They have all went home?

Yes, sir.

Then, why didnt she call him?



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