Hello, Heir! Chapter 107


Si Zheng Ting looks at her in confusion. Only then does Zhuang Nai Nai realizes her own excessive reaction. She bites her lips hesitantly. .. Will she like me?

She is nervous? Si Zheng Tings mood becomes even better. His voice is no longer cold as he gently comforts her, Dont be nervous. She is a good person.

A good person?

Zhuang Nai Nai clenches her fists as something flashes in her eyes. She remains quiet for a while before saying, En.

Zhuang Nai Nai is not in an agreeable mood. She takes her phone out and starts fiddling with it, as though trying distract herself with it.

Si Zheng Ting watches her with deep eyes, she has always been this way. Back in high school, she would take her book out and flip the pages mindlessly whenever she was nervous, not taking in a single thing.

He remains quiet as he reminices those beautiful years.

As for Zhuang Nai Nai who is sitting besides him, a complex sort of emotion floods her.

Her mind feels really messy at the moment.

While she is distracted by her entanglement, someone suddenly leans over to her. Zhuang Nai Nai is shocked as she takes in whatever is happening breathlessly. She sees him wrapping his arm around her body before resting his hand on the seat belt.

She is stunned. She looks only around and finally realizes that the car has stopped. They are right in front of the manor.

.He is trying to take her seatbelt off for her?

The atmosphere inside the car suddenly turns warm.

The man touches her in the waist, occasionally brushing his fingertips against her body while she stays in her seat, completely rigid. It feels as though every contact they made channels electricity.

She holds her breath while her heart jumps erratically.

His warm breaths are falling on her neck, causing her to feel lost, not knowing what to do.

After who knows how long, the seat belt is finally unlocked.

The moment Si Zheng Ting leans away, she opens the car door and jumps out, This- I- I am so tired! I will go to bed first!

Without even looking at Si Zheng Ting, she runs away like a frightened rabbit, disappearing by the doorway.

Si Zheng Ting is taken aback by her bashfulness. A smile is formed on his lips.

The housekeeper who is standing outside the door to welcome them, is shocked when he sees that look on Si Zheng Tings face. Mr. Si is smiling? Did the sun rose from the west today?

After sending Si Zheng Ting in, the housekeeper rushes to his own room. He needs to call the old madam. She has waited for this day for 5 years!

The call goes through pretty fast, Whats wrong old Li? Did something happened to your sir?

The housekeeper respectfully replies her, No, madam. I saw sir smiling just now!

The other party remains quiet for a while before she sighs, Never mind, as long as he is happy.

After a moment, she speaks again, How is her performance after marriage?

He suddenly remembers the way the madam slipped away after sir threw a huge tantrum the other day. Mr. Si actually likes that kind of girl?


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