Hello, Heir! Chapter 108


The corner of the housekeepers lips twitches before he speaks, going completely against his heart, The madam is alright.

En, I understand.

Now that she has become quiet, the housekeeper respectfully says, If you have no more instructions to give, I will hang up first, madam.

Right after he says that, she speaks out hastily, Old Li, has your sir and your madam consummated their relationship?

The housekeeper freezes, You mean..

I am talking about their bed activity~

The housekeeper: !!

He originally wanted to report everything to the old madam on the morning after the wedding night, but sir gave him all those things with a dark face. It was clearly a warning to keep his mouth shut. But now, the old madam has directly asked him that, how should he answer her?

He hesitates over his old madams persistence and his sirs fearful retaliation.

He clears his throat twice, Madam, you know about sirs habit. We can never get close enough to his room to know anything.

Why didnt you eavesdrop on them?

The housekeeper: .!! Old madam, is that something you should say?

Old Li, you pretty much raised your sir, who cares about what he thinks! Eavesdrop if you should, meddle if you could!

The housekeeper: ..

That brat has always kept his distance from women, protecting his body like jade. Do you think he has problems down there?

The housekeepers face turns red. Madam, is it really okay for you to discuss all these with me?

The housekeeper coughs a little before saying, I am not sure about that kind of thing, madam.

Ai, old Li, you are good in everything else except you are a little too righteous. Did he use all those things that I told you to put in his room?

The housekeepers face becomes even redder, He didnt use them.

He didnt use them? the other voice becomes suspicious, Does that means that he has no interest in that matter or.

Madam, if there is nothing else, I should hang up. Sir is calling for me, the housekeeper cannot stomach this any longer.

Ai, dont hang up, old Li. I am not done here..

Beep— After hanging up on the call, old Li wipes his non-existant sweat. He should call the old madam less in the future.

The manner in which the old madam shows her concern for her son has become more and more..

She even asked him whether sir has been secretly washing his own underwears these past few days. How should he know? Sir has always washed his own innerwear.


The moment he enters the house, Si Zheng Ting goes straight upstairs.

His mood is good and his steps are brisk. He pushes open their bedroom door and can hear the sound of water running in the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, Zhuang Nai Nai sits staring at thin air, after turning on the tap.

She was originally happy when Si Zheng Ting said that they should start afresh. But then, tomorrow, she will have to meet her.

She clenches her fists as she looks down.

She does not want to see her. In fact, shed rather not be with Si Zheng Ting if it means that she will not have to meet that person.

She smiles. Some things end up going back to its original place after circling around.

She has no idea how long she sits there.

Someone suddenly knocks on the door.

She jumps up before anxiously asking, W-What is it?

His voice can be heard from outside, Are you not done yet?

She looks at clock and realizes that she has been in there for an hour!



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