Hello, Heir! Chapter 109


She pats her own forehead, trying to figure out what to say. The sound of the doorknob being twisted can be heard. She immediately says, This- I am going to be done soon!

The movement from outside stops, En.

She sighs in relief. Her entire head feels messy as hell.

She takes off her clothes, intending to bath for a moment in hot water, but she distractedly turns on the cold water instead.

Cold water runs through her body, causing her to shiver. Her head suddenly feels refreshed.

What happened 5 years ago flashes in her head, causing her to clench her fists tightly.

She closes her eyes as droplets of water trails down her face; she has no idea if it is water or tears.

She and Si Zheng Ting have only decided to start afresh, now is not the time to meet his mother.

Although they dont like each other, they might tolerate each others presence in front of Si Zheng Ting. But, with his mothers personality, if she kick a fuss, it will not only turn the entire thing awkward, it will also affect her relationship with Si Zheng Ting.

She made a decision in her heart. Her face hardens in resolute.

After taking that refreshing bath, she puts on her pajama and walks out of the bathroom.

Si Zheng Ting who is reading a document with a dark face on the sofa gives her a glance.

Her hair is still damp while her face looks clean and refreshed. She looks pure and clean.

Her pajama is huge, completely concealing her figure, but this only serves to pique his curiosity even more.

He narrows his deep eyes.

After celibating his entire life, the kind of pleasure that he obtained this past few days opens more doors to his manly desire. But, upon remembering her tiredness last night and the fact that she will meet Lady Ding tomorrow, he decides to leave her be for tonight.

He puts down his laptop and stands up, trying to appear as normal as he can be. He puts his hands inside his pockets.

When her eyes fall on him, she curiously asks him, What is there in your pocket? It looks bumpy.

Si Zheng Ting: !!

His ears turn red as his cheeks turn pink. He clears his throat and does not answer her, simply going straight to the bathroom, I will bath first.

Zhuang Nai Nai can sense that something is off. After a moment, as though finally understanding everything, her expression change.

Since she was too busy with her mother and school, she is more ignorant in that kind of things compared to her peers.

Her cheeks turn pink. She really wants to find a hole to hide herself in.

She paces inside the room anxiously, almost turning crazy.

As for Si Zheng Ting, the moment he enters the bathroom and closes the door, his cheeks burn deep scarlet.

His usually icy face finally contains traces of smile.



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