Hello, Heir! Chapter 11


Si Zheng Ting was just planning to relieve himself, but when he pushes open the door, his eyes falls on that familiar slender silhouette.


And at this moment, she is staring at another mans part.


In the blink of an eye, Si Zheng Tings face darkens. He narrows his eyes dangerously.


What are you two doing? his low voice is enough to make people shiver.


Zhuang Nai Nai finally regains her mind. She stares at the man in front of the urinal who is pulling up his zipper and screams. She covers her eyes while pointing her other hand at that man, You-You-You-You..


This is too ridiculous and embarrassing.


Why is it another person? She thought it was Si Zheng Ting.


She turns her head to look at SI Zheng Ting who is still standing in the doorway. The icy look on his face causes her heart to tighten. She anxiously tries to explain, I-I-I. He-He-He.


Zhuang Nai Nai has always been eloquent, but even she cannot find the words to explain this.


At this moment, Pft~ The sound of laughter can be heard. The one who is being harassed is me. Why are you the one getting frightened?


That voice is very gentle, carrying traces of warmth. It helps Zhuang Nai Nai calms down a little.

He is right! Why is she panicking so much?


Never mind the fact that she didnt see a thing, nothing really happened and even if there is, will Si Zheng Ting care?


She takes a deep breath, looking at the man in the doorway from the corner of her eyes before gifting the stranger in front of her with a smile, That- Im sorry.


Its okay.


Did I frighten you? She hears that if men experienced something shocking while peeing, they will experience urinary incontinence.


No. I was the one in the wrong for scaring you.


No. No. I was the one who was too presumptuous.


Haha. But hey, my name is not Si Zheng Ting. My name is..


The more they chat, the thicker the air surrounding Si Zheng Ting becomes. Before Zhuang Nai Nai even gets to hear him, something forcefully tugs her hand. She staggers as she is pulled away from the washroom.


Si Zheng Tings pace is really quick. She has to jog a little to follow his lead. His grip on her wrist is so tight, she feels like her bone has cracked from the force.


Si Zheng Ting, you. The following are hurting me are left unsaid. She looks at his dark eyes and can see the fury suppressed in it. She is very scared of him at the moment.


SI Zheng Ting feels an indescribable emotion running amok in his heart. Veins are popped on his forehead, something that is very new for the usually calm Si Zheng Ting.


He simply has the impulse to drag her away from the washroom. He does not know why, he just feels that way.


The two of them quickly reach the entertainment room. Si Zheng Ting pushes open the door, the cold murderous air radiating from him immediately filling the room.


Every single person in the room turns their head towards the door. Su Yan Bin is still laughing when he speaks, Boss Ting, you are back. The meals have just been served, it is time to.. Before he even finishes speaking, his eyes fall on the woman beside Si Zheng Ting. He is rendered speechless.


Su Yan Bin looks like he has just seen a ghost. He looks like he is about to say something, but upon one look at Si Zheng Ting who looks like he wants to murder someone, he obediently shuts his mouth.


The merry sound of laughter in the room seems to have waken Si Zheng Ting up. He turns around and sees Zhuang Nai Nai staring incredulously at him.


He finally realizes that he has lost control.

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