Hello, Heir! Chapter 112


Damn! He was clearly the one with impure thoughts, why he is trying to put the blame on her

Her temper rises a little before she says, If you hadnt had crooked thoughts, why did you took your robe off?

He still wont admit it?

Si Zheng Ting looks at her stern little face and suddenly wants to laugh.

He takes a step back and moves towards the bed. He puts the bath robe aside and puts on a pajama, I dont sleep in bathrobes.

So. she misunderstood him? He wasnt going in for that?

She continues standing there, half-convinced.

After changing, Si Zheng Ting lies on his side of the bed and sweeps his eyes over her, Still not going to bed?

Oh, coming!

She hesitates while going to the bed, feeling completely conflicted. Si Zheng Ting is lying beside her spot. Even when sleeping, his posture is upright and prim, as though he does not rest even in his sleep.

She opens the quilt and lays down on the soft bed. The bed feels so comfortable that all her fatigues are coming back to her. She stretches her waist and accidentally brushes her legs against Si Zheng Tings.

She freezes, her entire body tensing. She glances at Si Zheng Ting and discovers that his eyes are closed while his breathing is even; he is asleep.

She sighs in relief and closes her eyes. Just as she is about to fall asleep, a thought suddenly flashes in her head. She is done for! She forgot to tell him what she needs to say!


The next day, the sun is bright in the sky.

Zhuang Nai Nai wakes up early in the morning, but continues lying on the bed, too lazy to get up. When she hears the sound of the housekeeper bustling about, ordering people downstairs, her heart races nervously.

What should she do?

When she hears the sound of footsteps from outside, she wraps the quilt around her, revealing only her eyes.

The door is opened and Si Zheng Ting walks in. As he approaches her, a clean scent radiates from his body.

Zhuang Nai Nai takes a deep breath before asking, What time is it?

9:30 am.

He promised to visit Lady Ding at 10 am, but when he saw her sleeping soundly earlier on, he couldnt bear to wake her up.

Zhuang Nai Nai pokes her head out of the blanket while looking at him pitifully, This.. I dont feel well. Y-You—-

She doesnt feel well?

Si Zheng Ting walks to the bedside and takes the quilt off her. He leans down to pick her up.

She is scared witless by his action. She scurries away while hugging the quilt to her body, What are you doing?

A trace of suspicion flashes in his eyes. She looks healthy, unlike someone who is ill at all.

Under her wary gaze, he says, I am taking you to the hospital.

She shakes her head, No need, no need. It is only a little fever.

Just as she says that, he pulls her towards him, causing her to land against his chest. He places his palm on her forehead.

That intimate act stuns her a little.

Si Zheng Ting remains expressionless throughout the entire thing. After a moment, he calmly says, Your forehead is not hot.

I am having a low fever, yes, a low fever. My temperature is around 37 C, probably just a cold.



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