Hello, Heir! Chapter 113


Zhuang Nai Nai is afraid that Si Zheng Ting might not believe her, so she quickly reinforces her lie, The weather is so unpredictable lately, there are sick people everywhere. My body feels so uncomfortable.

She praises herself deep inside, for coming up with such a brilliant excuse.

After saying that, she rubs her eyes before saying, Ay, my head feels so heavy. I wanna go to sleep. Then, she looks at Si Zheng Ting, as though feeling conflicted, .But, what about your mother?

Seeing her in that condition, he believes her completely, Do not go anywhere today. Just rest.

She nods before burying herself under the quilt once again.

Si Zheng Ting turns around and opens a drawer on the dresser, before taking out a thermometer, Go on and test your temperature.

Zhuang Nai Nai: .

She looks at the thermometer, suddenly having the urge to bite off her own tongue. Why did she say she has a fever on the first place?

She swallows heavily, taking the thermometer and placing it under her armpit. Then, she looks at him pitifully, before saying, I need to go to the toilet.

Si Zheng Ting nods, Be careful.

What is there to be careful about inside the toilet?

She is a grown up, did he think she will fall in there?

She looks at him in confusion.

He looks at her with wide eyes before rubbing his own forehead, I meant, be careful with the thermometer.

Oh, oh!

She lowers her head as she rushes into the bathroom. She opens the tap to hot water and places the thermometer under the water.

She panics when she hears some sound outside. She puts the thermometer back under her armpit before flushing the toilet, just to be safe.

When she walks out, Si Zheng Ting checks his watch before saying, Time is up.

He puts out his palm to her.

Zhuang Nai Nai hands him the thermometer before going back to lie weakly on the bed, watching him with large eyes.

This man is too handsome. He looks so handsome even when he is just checking the thermometer.

His face suddenly turns strange.

He suddenly looks at her while frowning.

Whats wrong? What is the reading?

45 C.

Ah? Zhuang Nai Nai turns rigid.

A person is as good as dead at 42 C, how did hers reach 45 C? No wonder Si Zheng Tings expression looks so weird.

She anxiously looks around before saying, The thermometer must have been wrong!

Si Zheng Tings eyes are narrow while his face is without any expression.

Her heart races anxiously, will he believe her?

Just as she thinks of that, Si Zheng Ting says En before stepping closer to the bed, Are you really not feeling well?

Zhuang Nai Nai earnestly replies him, Yes! Even realer than real gold!

Si Zheng Ting then says, En, then rest properly.

She nods, Hurry and go to your mother. Do not let her wait for too long lest she gets upset.

She will not, her temper is really good.

It is very rare for Si Zheng Ting to speak up for someone.

Zhuang Nai Nai clenches her fists.



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