Hello, Heir! Chapter 117

The companys 100th year anniversary is less than a month from now. The entire Design Department is busy to no end.

The Fashion Department needs to design the suit and dress for Si Zheng Ting and his female companion. As for the ones in charge of the venue, the pressure is even bigger.

Everyone in her department is busy and tense.

The pressure causes Zhang Chao Wens temper to become even worse. Even the people outside can hear his roars from the office, How on earth are you doing your job? You actually put the buffet tables there? Do you think the guests are there to eat?

The anniversary is a happy occassion, you picked white as the theme color? What do you think this is? A funeral?!

Do you even know how to design? Did you even bothered studying back in college? What a waste of paper!


Everyone inside the department is frightened and cautious, not wanting to become the target of Zhang Chao Wens wrath.

Zhuang Nai Nai is a new worker, her work mostly consists of her copying some things. She feels like she should just move her table to the printing room.

The swollen part of her finger hasnt gotten better. It hurts even if she as much as move them.

Just her luck to get stuck with the task of copying.

Her phone rings at 12 pm.

It is a message from Ji Chen, telling her to come up for lunch.

She looks around her. Everyone else is buried in their own work, typing and drawing non-stop. They keep piling documents for her to copy as well.

She sighs when she thinks of the delicious take-outs from Restaurant Ju De. She swallows heavily before replying the message: I have work during lunch. I cant go up.

Just as she finishes typing, Zhang Chao Wen walks out of his office, Zhuang Nai Nai, everyone is so busy, yet you still have time to play with your handphone! You think too lightly of your work!

Zhuang Nai Nai: .!

Never mind, a great person will not mind a petty person! She lowers her head demurely, not paying any attention to what he is saying.

Zhang Chao Wen scolds her and yet she shows no reaction at all. It gives him the feeling as though he is punching a bag of cotton.

He clears his throat coldly before turning to everyone else, We will have a meeting at 1pm!

Everyone makes frustrated noises at that.

Lunch hour is rush hour. They still havent finished the materials they need to prepare for the 1pm meeting, they will not have enough time to queue up to buy food!

Someone speaks up, Sir, perhaps, it will be better if we fill our stomachs first before continuing to work~!

When Zhang Chao Wen hears that, he suddenly feels hungry himself. He looks at the time. There is indeed not enough time to buy food and eat and get back here in time. He turns to Zhuang Nai Nai who is busy printing, Zhuang Nai Nai, go and buy lunch boxes for everyone

Her again?

Zhuang Nai Nai opens her mouth to say something, but Zhang Chao Wen already goes back to his own office.

50 lunch boxes? How is she supposed to carry them?

She is a proper woman, yet Zhang Chao Wen goes around enslaving her! Despicable!

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