Hello, Heir! Chapter 119


11:50 am, the top floor,

Si Zheng Tings silver phone suddenly rings.

He who has been reading a document suddenly stops. He frowns.

Its 12 pm? He sweeps his eyes over his phone and reads the flashing name on his screen. His eyes dim down a little when he reads the callers name, Lady Ding. He thought the caller was her

He accepts the call and is greeting with Lady Dings worried voice, That, how is Gu Qing Yans fever?

Si Zheng Ting: She is fine now.

Why dont you bring her here for dinner tonight? You both can stay here for the night and go straight to work tomorrow.

Si Zheng Tings eyes light up when he hears that, Alright.

After he hangs up on the call, Ji Chen walks in from outside. Sir, you have an appointment with President Yao from Haoyu Group at 12 pm.

Si Zheng Ting freezes a little before looking at the table where he usually eats. Delay it for half an hour.

Ji Chen: . You are actually willing to do that just to eat with the madam?

Ji Chen nods. Just as he finished contacting the other party, his phone suddenly rings, signalling an incoming message.

After reading the message, the corner of Ji Chens lips twitches. He conveys the message to Mr. Si who simply nods in understanding.

At 12:15, Si Zheng Ting gathers his stuffs and enters the elevator to go down. Ji Chen stands behind him.

As the elevator goes down, someone who has been bed-ridden for the entire weekend flashes inside his head. Is the Design Department really busy lately?

Ji Chen, who has inquired the situation earlier on, quickly replies him, Everyone are really busy due to the 100th year anniversary celebration.

Si Zheng Ting becomes quiet. When Ji Chen notices that, he says, Dont worry, sir. I already instructed May to order takeouts if the madam still hasnt eaten by 12:30pm.

Si Zheng Ting finally nods in satisfaction.

Ding. The elevator opens.

Si Zheng Ting walks out without glancing at anyone else.

Zhuang Nai Nai, on the other hand, is standing in front of the employees elevator. When she notices that the presidents elevator is coming down, she turns over to look at it, only for her sight to be obstructed by a pile of lunchboxes.

She freezes as Su Jin Hui stands in front of her, smiling brightly, You run very fast, Zhuang Nai Nai

He is very strong. He is carrying 10 boxes in one hand and 20 boxes in another.

Zhuang Nai Nai suddenly laughs. He is wearing an expensive suit and yet here he is, carrying lunchboxes for people.

At that moment, the employees elevator dings open. Both of them walk into the elevator.

Just as the elevator is about to close, Si Zheng Ting walk passes it. He, who has been walking without glancing at anyone suddenly turns his head towards their direction.

Since the lunchboxes are too tall, they end up covering Zhuang Nai Nais face.

Ji Chen follows the direction that he is looking at, Seems like the Fashion Department is busy as well. Su Jin Hui is bringing them lunchboxes.

Si Zheng Ting turns a deaf ear to that, that persons stature looks so much like Zhuang Nai Nai.

But, she is in the Site Design Department, it is impossible for her to be buying lunch with Su Jin Hui.

Sir, we might be late if we dont hurry, Ji Chen reminds him.

Si Zheng Ting puts the matter behind him as he quickly walks away.


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