Hello, Heir! Chapter 125


Ding Mengya is the type that is one in front of other people, and entirely something else behind everyones back.

This method is really good. It made her seem magnanimous and at the same time potrays Zhuang Nai Nai as the rude daughter in law.

Is Ding Mengya trying a different approach?

She tried to separate them 5 years ago, is she still trying to do the same?

Zhuang Nai Nai suddenly feels aggressive. She originally did not want to bother with her, but now, her fighting spirit is aroused.

She only needs to act along, is it not? How hard could it possibly be?

She immediately smiles, Then, lets go down. It will be too impolite to let her wait for us.

Si Zheng Ting looks at her curiously, You are no longer nervous?

What is there to be nervous about? Your mother is so warm and kind, what is there to be afraid of?

She must not spare any effort in praising the other party so that if Ding Mengya later speaks ill of her behind her back, Si Zheng Ting will be able to evaluate everything.

This is just a struggle of power in the household! She must make full use of all the tricks and methods that she learned from all those novels that she read!

Zhuang Nai Nai smiles while hugging Si Zheng Tings arm, following him down to the first floor.

The housekeeper is very eager to serve today, placing a cup of tea on the coffee table along with a plate full of fruits.

He is sitting in front of Ding Mengya, chatting.

Ding Mengya: Old Li, you are not too old, why arent you settling down yet?

The housekeeper: I do not wish to look for anyone. Living all alone is very liberating.

Ding Mengya: But what about your needs?

The housekeepers face turns red as he clears his throat, Do try this cantaloupe, madam. Its very sweet.

Ding Mengya: I am not interested in cantaloupes, do you need my help in your love life?

The housekeeper: No, thank you, madam.

If you dont like east, you can go for west. Do you have someone that you like?

The housekeeper: Madam, this grape is freshly picked, do give it a taste.

Aiya, if I want grapes, I will fly to a vineyard and eat one straight from the tree! Who cares about grapes? You have been with us for so many years, I feel responsible towards you!

The housekeeper stands up, I should go back to work, madam.

What is there to do? I am not going to be here for long, whatever it is you need to do, it can wait until later! Sit down!

The housekeeper does not have the guts to walk away and can only stand there with a bitter face.

The maids who are gathering around are all silently laughing. The old madam always teases the housekeeper whenever she stops by.

Ding Mengya continues speaking, Old Li, you dont like young women? Dont tell me you like men?

The housekeeper: ..

Aiya, if it is really a matter of orientation, you do not need to pay attention to us! You are already over 50, you are already at the age where you do not need to care about what the society thinks! If you are afraid of being pointed at by people, you can always move overseas. The people there are very open-minded.

The housekeeper: .!!

His expression contorts a little and when he sees Zhuang Nai Nai and Si Zheng Ting coming down to them, he sighs in relief.


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