Hello, Heir! Chapter 131


Before Zhuang Nai Nai even gets to comprehend the meaning behind that sentence, she can feel him taking off her shirt while blocking her mouth with his lips.

The bed in the master bedroom squeaks before finally stopping late at night.

As Zhuang Nai Nai drifts into sleep in her lethargic state, she wonders why she got up to grab some water on the first place.

On the next day, she sleeps up until 8 am, only wakening up upon the ringing of her alarm. She blearily takes out her phone to turn off the alarm.

10 minutes later, the alarm blares again.

She finally opens her eyes properly to check the time. Its 8:10 am! She is late! She is done for!

She jumps up, she is going to be late for work.

Where is Si Zheng Ting? Why didnt anybody wake her?


She does not dare to even imagine what Zhang Chao Wen will do to her. She hurrily puts on some slippers and rushes to the bathroom. After taking a quick shower, she prepares herself in front of her vanity, trying her hair in a ponytail.

From the corner of her eyes, she can see the gift that Ding Mengya gave her last night. She pauses.

Their conversation last night drifts across her head.

She bites her lips as she recalls the shame.

She picks up the box and throws it into the dust bin.

This action makes her feel as though she has just put the high and mighty Ding Mengya into a dust bin.

After doing that, she walks out of the room.

Si Zheng Ting and the housekeeper walk in just as she climbs down the stairs.

Madam, the housekeeper greets her, We have just sent the old madam away.

Zhuang Nai Nai pauses in her steps, her eyes lighting up. Ding Mengya is gone?

She tries her best to cover her excitement, Why didnt you tell me?

Si Zheng Ting sweeps his dark eyes over her.

Her heart jumps a little.

Although their relationship is fine now, and they have promised not to bring up the past, every single move from that man is too imposing that she finds it hard not to feel oppressed.

After a moment, he says, Mom said to let you sleep a little longer.

Zhuang Nai Nai lowers her head with an oh. She looks at the dining room.

The housekeeper tells her, Madam, sir has eaten breakfast with the old madam. You should take your breakfast now.

Si Zheng Ting originally planned to wait for her to finish eating before they go to work together. But, he discovers that he had forgotten his phone. He gets up and walks upstairs to retrieve it.

Si Zheng Ting searches through the bed and stumbles upon a phone. Zhuang Nai Nais.

Just as he is putting it down, he accidentally presses the web icon. Her latest web search is showed on the screen.

He really did not have the intention to sniff through her stuff, but he is especially sensitive to texts from his years of reading documents.

Upon one glance, he can see her last baidu search: The side-effect of taking medication when one is not sick.

He turns on the light as he sits on the bed, at a loss.

When the light is turned on, he can see a box protruding out from inside the dust bin.

His pupils shrink.

He looks at the phone again, as though finally figuring out something.




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